After pregnancy, the five things of prospective dad can no longer do it, and it is not good for the fetus and pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, the biggest wish of expectant mothers is that Ping An gave birth to a healthy baby, and always cares about the changes in the body. A little abnormal can wait to go to the hospital immediately.However, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you can’t be careful when you are alone, and the prospective father must make a change.

If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, the five things below the prospective father can’t do it!

1. Do not quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are extremely harmful to the fetus. The long -term smoking and alcohol of the prospective dad allows expectant mothers to inhale second -hand smoke, which can easily lead to malformations or even abortion.Six months before pregnancy, the prospective dad should quit smoking and alcohol. If you ca n’t quit it for a while, do n’t smoke at home, and then enter the house after smoking outside, so as not to allow his wife to suck second -hand cigarettes.

Second, the life of not restrained couples

Early pregnancy embryos and uterine walls are unstable. After being stimulated by the outside world, it is prone to bleeding, abdominal pain, and even abortion. In the third trimester, the prospective mother’s belly becomes larger and the husband and wife live in inconvenience.Essence

Therefore, it is not suitable for the same room in the early pregnancy and the third trimester. The life of the couple in the middle of pregnancy must also be controlled, and the opinions of the expectant mothers should be more respectful.

Third, do not take the initiative to bear housework

After pregnancy, expectant mothers are inconvenient, and some housework is no longer suitable for doing.For example, heavy objects, bending down, etc., the prospective father must take the initiative to take these housework to give his wife a recuperating environment.Obviously his wife is pregnant, so don’t make her tired anymore!

Fourth, do not take care of his wife’s emotions

After pregnancy, due to changes in the body’s body hormone, the mothers of expectant mothers became unstable, very sensitive and irritable, and a little thing could make her sad or angry.The prospective father must understand the emotional changes of his wife. He usually follows her more, don’t speak to her, otherwise it will make her uncomfortable.

Five, often return late

During pregnancy is a period of more fragile women. She hopes that someone can take care of and accompany her, so the prospective dad takes more time to accompany his wife, instead of a friend who goes out to drink as soon as he says hello.Mother’s chill, long -term sadness, is not conducive to fetal development.

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