After pregnancy, the goddess is changed from 130 pounds of big fat. This secret is also a bitter smile.

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Last weekend, Xiaojuan, a friend of 2 months of pregnancy, had a birthday. Originally, her husband considered that the first three months of pregnancy was a dangerous period. It is recommended that a few good friends who play with them can come to the house to celebrate.Who knows that Xiaojuan, who has always been gentle and obedient, is going to a new Japanese restaurant.Her husband checked the address on the Internet, and it took an hour and a half to drive a drive. The main reason was that Xiaojuan was particularly severe in pregnancy. In addition, there was a motion sickness problem.So all kinds of good words were persuaded, and even let us relatives and friends come to be lobbyists.Finally considering the child in the stomach, Xiaojuan chose to compromise.

In fact, I still felt that Xiaojuan’s husband was a little worried, and there were generally nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.But when I saw a few cakes, Xiaojuan was holding the toilet and vomiting. In addition to distressing friends in my heart, she could be regarded as the power of pregnancy.Listening to Xiaojuan said that after a few days of pregnancy, she began to feel nauseous, and then opened the pain mode of what to eat and vomiting.Occasionally I want to take a car to the door, and I have to get half of my life.The 130 catties of body became a small body now.Although this is the weight she dreams of, she would rather gain a weight of 20 pounds and did not want to suffer.

The reason why people say that in October is difficult, not only because of various taboos during pregnancy, but the most important thing is torture of various pregnancy reactions.So can nausea and vomiting really resist?What should expectant mothers do to reduce this non -human torture?

one.Vomiting during pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, it will disappear after 12 weeks. Some pregnant mothers may last for about 5 months. A few will have pregnancy during pregnancy.

two.Adjust the diet structure

During pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers eat less meals, mainly light, and try to avoid greasy and salty foods.It is best to eat breakfast. If you really have no appetite, you can drink milk or yogurt.Prepare some snacks such as soda biscuits, oat bread, roasted dried ravioli, and you can eat it a little bit appetite.In addition, fruits also have antititigation effects, such as bananas and apples.

three.Homemade fruit juice

If you have symptoms such as motion sickness, minimize the number of times you take for public transport during pregnancy, you can carry a cup of lemon juice when going out.However, it should be noted that some expectant mothers have more gastric acid secretion. At this time, you must choose slightly lighter lemon juice, and you can add an appropriate amount of honey to reduce the concentration.

Four.medical treatement

If vomiting is more severe or even affects normal eating, you can take vitamin B6 or go to the hospital’s venous tonic.


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