After pregnancy, the neck and body are full of small grains, will it be contagious?

"Zhou grain, please go to the dermatology clinic."

A pregnant mother with a six -year -old shelter, who looked less than thirty, rushed into the clinic.

Before the doctor asked, she couldn’t wait to cry–

"Doctor, I have a lot of small meat grains on my body. I checked it online. It is the HPV virus … Will this bath be transmitted to" below "? Will it be a precursor of cancer? It affects the baby in the belly.Do you develop? "

After the words, I showed the doctor to the doctor.

Dr. Chen Chen was approaching. At first glance, as she said, Ms. Zhou’s chest and stomach were always on the stomach, and dozens of small crickets appeared.

The doctor said while soothing her–

"Don’t worry, first make a lens to check, what is this small pimple."

After checking it through the lens mirror, it turned out to be just ordinary skin.

When I heard Zhou, I was still puzzled–

What is the skin?

Does it really have nothing to do with HPV?

Can this thing be removed?

Will it leave scars?


The neck and chest minister is full of small grains

Not necessarily HPV virus warts!

In fact, when you are pregnant, you have small meats on your body. The most common "real body" is the skin.

This skin is medical name, called soft warts or soft fibroma. It is a small proliferative organization formed by normal skin. It looks like a flat -flat "little mushroom".

They have a variety of appearances, which are not essentially different. The common point is that they feel softer, and they grow outward.

Why do people grow these things if they are good?

Let’s put it this way, the older the skin is aging, overweight, or diabetes may be related to the skin.

During the pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones, some pregnant mothers will be particularly easy to grow a lot of skin or seborrheic keratosis, and some of them may disappear after giving birth.

Keep here to emphasize- ———

The skin is not skin cancer, nor will it become skin cancer!

Although there are a small number of studies that it may be related to virus infection, it is not as strong as the contagiousness of warts!

Of course, not all small bumps are so safe, there are also small meat grains with strong contagious, such as ——


Although the appearance of this guy is similar to the skin, it is a skin hyperplasia caused by the infection of human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a kind of common warts.

Most of the soybeans are in appearance, rough on the surface, tough, small particles, and sometimes it hurts.

So if you have a small bump during pregnancy, there is only one most reliable way to seek medical treatment in time!

First do a derm mirror inspection to identify, and see which "real body" of Xiaoyu is.

Loseryclaxia under the skin mirror

Warts under skin mirror

If it is a leather, the direct and effective treatment method is laser treatment. Pregnant mothers can wait for the baby to deal with it, but remember to go to a regular hospital.

It is determined to be a silk wart, so you must treat it as soon as possible to avoid the spread of infection, such as electrocoagulation therapy, laser therapy or frozen therapy.

In short, don’t pick it yourself, use the thread to remove or cut it yourself!

pregnancy period

Pregnant mothers are not only easy to grow small bumps

There is also a headache problem-


One face after pregnancy is a calamity caused by hormones

Don’t be afraid, there is a good deal!

Poin spots make people annoying.

Because it moves with a bomb that can be broken, white and pure skin, it will never be merciless, it will directly break through the layer of obstacles of skin dermis and epidermis, and finally capture the "face" that everyone is most concerned about.

Common stains include melasma, freckles, sunburn, old -fashioned spots, etc., and those who like to pay attention to pregnant mothers will count chloasma.

The production of stains has an important relationship with a material–


Once the skin is stimulated by the outside world or due to its own physical reasons, the melanocytes in some places will become very active. Hi constantly, it will create more melanin. FinallyPoin spots.

During pregnancy, because of changes in hormones in the body, it will promote the mobility of melanocytes, so it is more likely to have melanin precipitation.

If the sunscreen is not done well at this time, the stains will naturally become more and deepen.

Those words of removal of freckles

See if you believe it?


Boy urine, where is the spots wiped, and Mummy no longer has to worry about pregnancy spots?


Urine, human metabolites, 95%are water, and 5%of inorganic salts have not been studied. It has not been studied.


White vinegar+light saline, is the stains during pregnancy?


White vinegar freckle, current laboratory foundation and clinical data are not supportive enough, and the effect is not obvious in the short term. It is recommended to use it with caution!

There are countless freckle recipes, but pregnant mothers should not easily use themselves as little white mice. Some skin damage is irreversible!

Afraid of long spots

The main thing is to do these 2 points


The stains caused by the influence of ultraviolet rays can prevent the color spots from deepening the color of the spots to a certain extent.

When you go out, you can wear a hat or umbrella to prevent the sun from directly illuminating, apply sunscreen or use sunscreen with cosmetics to block ultraviolet rays.

✎ Pay attention to daily diet

Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. All kinds of fresh vegetables are rich in vitamin C. They have the effects of fading and fades. The vegetables represent tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower and so on.

If the stains grow during pregnancy, don’t worry. After giving birth, freckle treatment can be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Such as sunburn, seborrheic keratosis, etc. can be diluted by photon, Q, and carbon dioxide laser.

Lloabichalite can be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor. For example, it contains skin care products such as ammonia methamphetamine, levotic C, glutathione, and comprehensive treatment with fruit acid import.

Bred life

It was a hard work

It’s also a happy thing

Everyone is pregnant

If there is a skin problem

Don’t worry, don’t worry

A way to save money, useful and direct is

Go to the hospital and hang the dermatology number!

Skin problems

Give it to a professional dermatologist to solve

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