After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly starts to "show" prematurely, mostly related to these reasons

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Yesterday, a little friend in the mother group mentioned such a topic: When I was pregnant with the first child, I started to show slowly until 5 months later.

Originally thought that the second child should also be late, but when I was 2 months pregnant, my stomach was almost the same as that of the first child 5 months.

What makes me most unpredictable is that others say that after pregnancy, the front wall is earlier than the back wall, but I obviously is the back wall. Why is it so early?

Alas, I can’t imagine it, after the second trimester, what will my stomach look like after the second trimester?


As usual, the friends in the group actively expressed their own opinions. I looked at it and found that many people felt that the second child would show up earlier than the tip.

However, some people feel that morning and evening is related to the gender of the fetus.If you are pregnant with a girl, you will generally appear earlier; if you are pregnant with a boy, you will be late.

So the question is, how long does it take to start to show your arms after pregnancy?

Generally speaking, at 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus has basically developed in the uterus, and the size is almost the same as the plum.

Therefore, although the uterus is slightly larger than before, from the outside, it is not very obvious.

When it is about 4 months of pregnancy, the larger uterus will exceed the pelvis, and the bottom of the palace is probably between the navel and the osteo bone.

This can cause the pregnant mother’s abdomen to protrude and start to show their arms.Especially in about 5 months of pregnancy, the uterus is about 1cm under the navel, and the show of the pregnant mother’s abdomen will be more obvious.

However, not all pregnant mothers have begun to appear in 4 months. Some may be 3 months, or even earlier, and some may be 6 months pregnant.

The reason why some pregnant mothers appear late may be because the body before pregnancy is thinner, the fat is thin, or the part of the fertilized egg is on the back wall of the uterus.

And some pregnant mothers start to show prematurely, most of which are related to the following reasons:

Wandering twins or polyza

It is morning and evening during pregnancy, and it has a certain relationship with the number of fetuses in the stomach.

If the pregnant mother is pregnant with twins or polybs, the increase in the uterus is often more obvious than a single child, and it is likely that it will start to show their arms in about 3 months.

Moreover, the speed of abdominal swelling will be faster, and the pregnant belly will be larger.

Therefore, pregnant mothers with twins or polyphles will be harder during pregnancy.Especially after entering the third trimester, the action will be very inconvenient and need to be better taken care of by the family.

Lost skin skin relaxation, fat accumulation

Some pregnant mothers have found that the second child is much earlier than the first child. This is mainly because after the first child is born, because the abdomen of pregnancy is enlarged during pregnancy, the elastic fiber and collagen fibers of the female belly will break and damage.

Even if the weight is restored to the pre -pregnancy level, the skin on the belly is often in a relatively relaxed state.

Especially after the second child, the pregnant mother eats a little bit, which may cause abdominal fat accumulation, so that the stomach will increase significantly in the early pregnancy.

In other words, after some pregnant mothers are pregnant with the second child, it looks older or more than others. In fact, it is caused by too much meat on the belly and too thick fat.


Three months before pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother generally does not change too much.If the pregnant mother finds that her belly will increase obviously for more than a month, then it is likely to be caused by flatulence, and it is not really beginning to show up.

This is because after pregnancy, the level of progesterone in the pregnant mother’s body will slow down the gastrointestinal peristalsis, which can easily cause indigestion and cause bloating, which will make the pregnant mother’s belly look a bit large.

Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should eat less meals, and try to eat less foods that can easily cause flatulence, such as taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes, soy products, etc.

If the abdominal distension is uncomfortable, you can drink some warm water and yogurt to relieve it, and seek help from the doctor in time.


This situation is relatively special. If it belongs to hydatarin, women’s uterus will increase abnormally in the early pregnancy, which will significantly increase the belly of women.

Portuguese fetus can be diagnosed in more than 40 days or about 2 months. Once found, the Qing Palace is required in time.

Therefore, after menstruation is delayed, after the pregnancy test paper is tested, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

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