After pregnancy, there are more male treasures, and the female treasure is more urinating?Medical expert: unnecessary contact

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Medical experts say: Whether there are many defecation or urination during pregnancy, they are not the basis for predicting men and women. There is no necessary connection between them.

Nowadays, parents are very indifferent to their children’s gender. They are the same for boys and women, and even some families still like girls.However, people who still do not rule out some people who have deep ideas of "more men and women" still use various methods during pregnancy to judge the gender of the fetus in advance.

Recently, in the Bao Ma group, some pregnant mothers can always discuss methods about judging the gender of the fetus in the group. In addition to those "sour girls" that we all know, there are some ways of judgment.Essence

For example, a pregnant mother listened to her mother -in -law saying: If there is a lot of urination during pregnancy, it may be a girl; if there are many bowel movements, they may be pregnant with a boy.

Looking at these chat content, as a bystander, it is really impossible to laugh and laugh. When will "urination and defecation" be a way to judge the gender of the fetus?

In fact, during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have more times, but some pregnant mothers have more defecation. So what is the gap between the two?

1) Drinking water volume

Urine is originally an excretion of waste from the kidneys, which is naturally related to daily drinking water.The frequency of natural urination increases by drinking a lot of water.

2) Diuretic food

If the pregnant mother eats some diuretic foods, like watermelon; or if she eats too salty, it will increase the amount of water drinking, exceeding the bladder content, and naturally increase the frequency of going to the toilet.

For measures, pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet, do not eat too salty, reduce intake of moisture.

3) Normal pregnancy response

In fact, the frequent urination of pregnant women during pregnancy is that the increasing uterus causes compression of the bladder.

After sperm and eggs form fertilized eggs, they will bed after 2-3 days, then split into embryos, and the embryo continues to grow.

Subsequently, in order to meet the development needs of the embryo, the uterus also gradually increased, and the ligaments and pelvis on both sides of the uterus would pull the pelvic effect, which constitutes oppression of the nearby bladder and workplace.

At the same time, due to the secretion of progesterone during pregnancy, the body temperature of the pregnant mother will rise slightly by 0.3-0.5 ° C, so that the metabolism in the body is accelerated to ensure the baby’s development.Therefore, the acceleration of metabolism will also increase the number of times of urination of pregnant mothers.

In addition, some pathological diseases can also lead to a lot of urine in pregnant mothers. Like urethritis, not only do you have more urination, but also feel pain. These pregnant mothers must go to the hospital to check clearly.

1. Inspeal gastrointestinal indigestion

In the early stages of pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone stimulates the stomach and causes indigestion; and the uterus in the middle of pregnancy will compress the rectum, slow gastrointestinal motility, and it can easily cause constipation.

Constipation often often has laxative demand, but it is not clean, so naturally running the toilet many times.

Doctors suggest: Pregnant women have a normal stool once a day. If there are stools for more than 3 days, constipation may be caused by slow gastrointestinal motility.

2. Eating amount

If you eat a lot, you will naturally defecate.In order to consume more nutrition during pregnancy, pregnant women often eat more, and naturally they will be excreted.It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually eat less meals and pay attention to the balanced diet.

In addition, some diseases such as gastroenteritis can also lead to an increase in defecation.If the problem of gastrointestinals increases bowel movements, it is recommended to find a doctor in time to deal with it in time.

The gender of the fetus is not related to the reaction during pregnancy, because the gender of the fetus has already formed as long as the fertilized egg was formed, and gender differentiation began at 2-4 weeks of fertilization.Any symptoms during pregnancy change.

There are also many factors that determine the fetus, such as the external environment, the mother’s conception environment.Like those words that have been judged by the sex of the fetus on the Internet, it is just a higher chance, and there is no accurate scientific basis.

Written at the end:

During pregnancy, my mother wants to know that the child’s gender is normal, but don’t be too attached.In the new era, there are the same boys and women. The most important thing for pregnant mothers is to relax and actively spend every day during pregnancy.

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