After pregnancy, these things are taboos, although it sounds absurd, but there is a scientific basis

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Have you ever heard of this when you are pregnant:

Can’t tell outsiders in the first three months of pregnancy, otherwise the fetus will scare away?Can’t move at will when you are pregnant, will it disturb the fetal god?Can’t go to the wedding of others when you are pregnant, will you drive away the joy of others?

Although these claims are absurd and superstitious, many people are observed, especially those stars, who are obviously pregnant, but others will deny them as soon as they ask. When the fetus is over the first three months, they will come out and say that they are pregnant again.It’s right.

I remember when I was pregnant, I wanted to send a circle of friends and want to tell everyone, but my mother -in -law stopped me and said that it would be sent again after three months, otherwise the fetus would be angry, although I know this is absurd, although I know this is absurd,I was superstitious, but I resisted for the safety of the fetus.

Could it be that you really can’t tell outsiders in the first three months of pregnancy?In fact, these things after pregnancy are taboos. Although ridiculous, they have scientific basis.

Can’t you say the first three months?

In fact, the first three months of pregnancy is when the fetal elephant is the most unstable. The fetus is very fragile. It is easy to cause the fetal abortion when you don’t pay attention. Therefore, everyone will wait until the fetal elephant is stable.Otherwise, in case of accidental abortion, the pregnant mother is very sad. When others ask others, it is easier to increase the sadness of the pregnant mother.This has nothing to do with superstition, mainly for the safety of the fetus, so pregnant mothers pay attention to some of the first three months to protect the safety of the fetus and ensure the healthy and safe development of the fetus.

Can’t you go to the wedding scene?

Some people said that pregnant women who are pregnant cannot go to the wedding scene, and they will run away from the joy of others. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The reason why pregnant women do not go to the wedding scene mainly because there are more people at the wedding scene, the air is not good, and the pregnant womanIf you are inconvenient, you are easily injured when you do n’t pay attention, and it is easy to cause accidents in the fetus. Therefore, you still rest at home after pregnancy, or go to the park to take a walk. Do n’t go to the wedding scene with too many people to avoid accidents.

Can’t move at will?

Some people say that they cannot move at will after pregnancy. They will disturb the fetal gods and easily lead to abortion. In fact, it is true that it cannot be moved after pregnancy.The huge project, the workload is very large, and a lot of things need to be sorted out. For pregnant women, it is easy to suffer, and it can easily lead to abortion of the fetus. It is not good for the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Can’t you go to the funeral?

Some people say that they cannot go to the funeral after pregnancy. The obscure things will hurt the fetus and are very bad for the body of the pregnant woman. In fact, this is all superstition.Because there are many people at the funeral scene, chaos, and cannibal and bamboo, it is easy to be frightened by pregnant women.

After pregnancy, these places are taboos, and pregnant mothers can never make trouble!


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