After pregnant girls, there are often these three performances. Come and compare ~

Nine months is a long time, especially when you are eager to see the baby in the belly.You might think, what are your baby doing in your stomach?What will the baby look like?Some expectant mothers eagerly want to know the gender of the child, especially for the second -born family, whether it can be made up for children and daughter is here.

In our country, it is illegal to know the gender of the fetus in advance. After all, the thoughts of men and women in the environment are too serious.Fortunately, people’s thoughts are constantly progressing, and more and more families prefer their daughters.So what are the performances of her daughter?Let’s take a look at the interesting sayings of the people:

1. More crazy morning vomiting

People always say that boys love their mother more, and they will not increase their troubles to their mothers during pregnancy, so they may wish to think of morning vomiting as a clue of her daughter.Although women who are pregnant with boys will be disgusting during pregnancy, in the first three months, the mother of her daughter will spend more time on the toilet.

Not only does morning vomiting happen in the morning, for some women, this situation will continue for a whole day.For others, morning vomiting also means vomiting after eating.

2. No angry hair

As we all know, the girl is far from being attractive to the boy.Girls growing in your uterus will make your hair angry and greasy, and it is most likely that pregnancy hormones are in trouble.

3. Desire for sweets

People usually think that women become willful after pregnancy, and have a lot of desire.In fact, this is just what TV movies want you to believe, not all women have desire during pregnancy.Although there are some women longing for different food combinations during pregnancy, most people are only interested in specific foods.And this is likely to be the clue of the child’s gender in your belly.Most little girls do not have resistance to sweet candy and chocolate, so when you want to reach out to get candy, don’t blame yourself. This may be your daughter’s idea.

The above are just some folk views. Just look at it.

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