After surviving "pregnancy vomiting", the stomach of the third trimester is also tortured, and the expectant mother’s stomach is so relieved

The baby is about to develop in the third trimester, and the mother’s difficulty is coming.Although every mother is a baby’s angel, this angel also has to suffer successful to make her baby come smoothly.

When the baby grows to a certain degree, expectant mothers will have the phenomenon of stomach acid, indigestion, insomnia and depression.

Many mothers think they are sick. In fact, this is just because of a series of influences brought by the little guy in the stomach. So how can these uncomfortable symptoms improve?

Girlfriend Yang Meimei has also recently arrived in the third trimester, and her belly has become very large. She eats well because of the little guy in the belly every day.Very burn.

The pregnancy vomiting is so severe that it will vomit almost as soon as you eat, and you will reflect the acid water without eating. Many methods are tried to relieve the use of pregnancy.Recently, she can’t stand it. Come and ask me if there is any way to solve it?So I explained it for her

Why is gastric acid in the third trimester particularly serious?

1) Normal pregnancy vomiting

About one and a half months after pregnancy, the secretion of the internal gonad hormone has increased significantly, and gastric acid will decrease a lot, and the activity of digestive enzymes will become very low.

The addition of so many reasons has greatly affected the digestive ability of expectant mothers.It will also cause pregnancy reactions. If the head will be dizzy, you will be disgusting and vomiting, don’t want to eat, and feel tired and tired.

2) Digestiveness

Another reason is that after pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter will become very relaxed, and the food we eat can easily run.The acidic substances in the stomach flow from the stomach to the esophagus, throat, and oral cavity, causing stimulation to the mucous membrane.This situation causes indigestion and generally does not need to take medicine, but it can be improved through a healthy diet.

3) Uterine compression

In the third trimester, an enlarged uterus will also compress the stomach.In addition, pregnancy will increase your hormone, which will relax the muscles between the esophagus and the stomach, make the gastric acid a lot, and make the chest feel very hot.

1) The diet should be light

At this time, the stomach is squeezed, which seriously affects the digestive function of the stomach.Pregnant women must eat light food and can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. These are easy to digest.As for those greasy, indigestible and irritating foods, don’t eat it.

2) Eat less meals

The stomach is squeezed, and the content of the content is greatly reduced.Pregnant women are full after eating a little, but they will be hungry in a while.So eat a little less every meal, do not eat too much sweeter or more spicy things, you can change the previous three meals to five or even six meals.

Usually bring some biscuits and bread that is easy to digest. Do not eat too much at one time. It will not only cause indigestion, but also cause stomach discomfort and stomach acid.

3) Don’t lie down immediately after meals

Many pregnant women like to lie down and lie down.Lying down is not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion, which may cause gastric acid discomfort.In addition, do not exercise or take a bath immediately after meals.You can sit down and rest for a while, then stand up and walk slowly, and then lie down.

4) Don’t eat too much before going to bed

Many pregnant women will be hungry before going to bed, or wake up from hunger in the middle of the night, so don’t eat too much at this time.You can drink a glass of milk and porridge, eat a piece of bread, and pad your stomach a little, so that you will not be hungry and can’t sleep.

Eat less food, and eat less sweeter, eat less calories, and eat less difficult to digest food.After the expectant mother enters sleep, the function of the stomach will weaken, the food is not digested, which will cause gastric acid discomfort and affect sleep.

5) Relax, don’t be too nervous

The more nervous you are, the more stomach acid.Pregnant women must be clear that gastric acid is a very common discomfort. Many pregnant women will experience it and will not affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, so don’t worry too much.

The daily diet is light and healthy, so it is enough to eat less.After the fetus enters the pot, the uterus will reduce the squeeze of the stomach and diaphragm, and this discomfort will slowly disappear.

1) To strengthen exercise during the day, walk more, do some exercise of pregnant women, and sleep well at night.

2) Take a hot bath before going to bed, soak your feet with hot water, and drink hot milk.Be careful not to drink too much water before going to bed.Do not drink strong tea, coffee and other drinks that affect sleep before going to bed.

3) Keep a comfortable sleeping position and keep the left side with obstetric rehabilitation pillows.It can improve back pain and promote sleep.

In short, there will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. As long as we know the reason, we can find the method to eliminate or relieve it.No matter how discomfort and difficulties, the moment we see the birth of a small life, we will disappear, and everything is worth it for children.

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