After taking a chest tablet, I ate cephalosporin, but later found that I was pregnant. Can this child still ask?

Many women do not know that they are pregnant in the early pregnancy, and they may commit some "taboos" of pregnancy, such as taking breasts, taking medicine, etc., and then they find that pregnancy will be worried about affecting the baby.So in this case, can the baby want it?

In the early pregnancy, it usually has no effect on the baby with any drug before 32-35 days. If it has an impact, the baby will slip away.

Cefbal is a category B of obstetrics and gynecology, which is safe for the fetus, and if it is used 35 days before pregnancy, most of the drugs have no effect on the fetus during this period. If there is an impact, the fetus will beIt will be directly aborted. The doctor calls this "all or no", which means that if there is a problem, the fetus will be fully affected. Natural abortion. If there is no problem, it will have no impact at all, and it will continue to develop well.

1. Supplement folic acid.

Generally speaking, folic acid has been supplemented since the first three months of pregnancy. After the early pregnancy, it can be appropriately supplemented according to the doctor’s order.

2. Take a lot of rest.

You must rest in the early pregnancy to avoid overwork, let alone lift heavy objects.If brown discharge appears, pay attention to rest and avoid walking.

3. Careful medication.

Do not take medicine at will during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.Many expectant mothers should understand that if they have discomfort in their bodies, they must seek medical treatment in time and take medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

4. Pay attention to the production inspection.

The checkup can understand the development of the fetus at any time, and it will accompany your entire pregnancy.Before 42 days of pregnancy, you need to check whether the fetus is an ectopic pregnancy; this time at 42-60 days must be determined.

5. Early pregnancy reaction.

From the beginning of pregnancy, the body of the expectant mother will gradually change. Whether it is taste, body, spirit or pregnancy, should be adapted slowly, do not nervous because of this.

6. Diet nutrition.

To ensure sufficient nutrition and sufficient protein, you can obtain it from milk, fish, eggs and meat; in addition, do not eat some foods that can easily cause abortion, but also develop good eating habits. Do not overeating or do not overeating or do not overeating or doPay attention to tonic.

7. Avoid sexual life.

Early pregnancy must avoid strenuous exercise, especially sexual life.Because the first three months of the embryo is still unstable and is prone to abortion.

8. Stay away from radiation.

During pregnancy, you must use less mobile phones, computers and photocopy photocopy equipment, and for strong radiation X -rays, you must refuse.Specific mothers engaged in related work can choose to pay attention or wear radiation protection suit.

9. Avoid hot hair.

After pregnancy, try not to use skin care products, especially some cosmetics containing chemical ingredients to avoid hot hair dyeing, so as not to affect fetal development.

10. Quit bad living habits.

If you must stay away from tobacco and alcohol, do not be in a cigarette environment to avoid hurting your baby.

11. Keep a good mood.

Due to the changes in the physical hormone after pregnancy, expectant mothers are prone to adverse emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, and irritability. Long -term adverse emotions will affect the baby’s development. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good mood.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers is complicated. There are joy, excitement, and worry and entanglement. In fact, let’s take it naturally. The embryo can be left naturally.The possibility of a problem baby is also very high.Finally, I wish the mothers a good pregnancy, and the baby’s baby is healthy and smart!

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