After taking antibacterial drugs, I found out what to do if I was pregnant.

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Dizziness, drowsiness, and runny nose, thought it was a cold, took a cold and anti -inflammatory medicine, and found that he was pregnant. Many women had such a "confused" experience.From November 18th to 24th is the "improvement of the awareness of anti -microbial drugs in 2021." The Ministry of Pharmacy and Hospital of Wuhan Children’s Hospital held a science lecture on the Department of Pharmacy and Hospital Senior Sciences.

Can you buy a buying spore when you have a cold?

Liu Maochang, a clinical pharmacist at the Ministry of Pharmacy of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, told everyone that antimicromicine includes antibacterial drugs, antiviral drugs, antifungal drugs, and antifogenes, which are used to prevent and treat infections caused by related microorganisms.Among them, common antibacterial drugs include cephalosporin, amoxicillin, Azithromycin, erythromycin, and clinithromycin.

Is it feasible to eat a cold?Be careful.In fact, more than 90%of colds are caused by viruses, and cephalosporins are "eliminated" bacteria, which has no effect on the virus.For a small number of colds caused by bacteria, it also needs to be checked to use appropriate antibacterial drugs.Excessive use or abuse of anti -microbiopathic drugs will bring great harm.

Destroy the human intestinal flora environment.Studies have shown that diabetes, asthma, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, obesity, cancer, and emotional disorders are all related to the disorders of intestinal flora.

It can also induce microorganisms to produce drug resistance, making it more difficult to treat common infections.For example, common pneumonia can be treated with antibacterial drugs under normal circumstances, but if the human body produces strong drug resistance, such as colorful "super bacteria", it may eventually "be saved without medicine."

I don’t know what to do after taking medicine?

I finally look forward to the baby, but it may affect the quality of the embryo due to the medicine?Shu Chang, a clinical pharmacist at the Ministry of Pharmacy of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, is also a expectant mother, 36 weeks of pregnancy.She said, "If you take the medicine within 28 days from the first day of the next day, the expectant mother may wish to let it go."

If the drug affects the embryo, it will naturally abortion in the early stages of pregnancy; if the drug does not cause damage to the embryo, it will develop normally and grow up.In other words, there are signs of miscarriage. Do not protect the fetus and have no signs of abortion on time.

This is because when using drugs, if the fertilized eggs have been formed and in bed, then the embryo and body fluid have material exchange, and the medicine may affect the embryo.Because early fertilized egg cells only performed simple cell divisions, if adverse stimulation factors such as drugs or radiation affect embryos, embryos will die.If the embryo survives, it is considered that it is not affected, which is the "all or nothing" theory in the current drug teratogenic science.

In addition, pay attention to medication during pregnancy: the medication must be clearly indicated. Only when the drug’s benefit to the mother is greater than the danger of the fetus; if the condition is allowed to delay the treatment, it is delayed to the treatment of in the middle and late pregnancy;It is necessary to combine specific cases and specific drugs for specific analysis.Be sure to ask medical staff strictly.

Do not "collect it if you see it if you see it well if you see it well"

"Antibiotics are not universal medicines, cold and fever may not be effective …" Dr. Liu Jie’s "smooth" of Dr. Liu Jie of Wuhan Children’s Hospital Hospital made the onlookers and family members remember the "knowledge point".

She reminded that first of all, antibacterial drugs are not purchased at will.Antibacterial drugs are prescription drugs, which should be purchased and used by doctors.Antibacterial drugs are double -edged swords. Symptoms are medicine.Secondly, we must follow the doctor’s advice and use the right medicine.

Some people have proposed that "the medicine is three -point poison", if the condition improves, can the medicine be stopped?Liu Jie emphasized that he must abide by the doctor’s prescription. Even if the condition improves, he must use antibacterial drugs in sufficient treatment.If the medication time is insufficient, the medicine may not only bounce the improved condition, and the symptoms recur again. Repeated medication needs to be repeatedly used, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

Xu Hua, director of the Pharmacy Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, introduced that at present, the global epidemic of the new crown pneumonia is still continuing. Human life and health are in severe challenges, and it is of great significance to improve the awareness of the whole people against microbial drugs.The theme of "Improving Anti -Microbiology Anti -Microbiology Anti -Microbiology in 2021" is "expanding understanding and curbing drug resistance". We hope to organize this popular science activity to make more people realize the crisis of microbial drug resistance, establish the concept of rational use of anti -microbiological drugs,, Create a good atmosphere for the public’s care, support and participation in the reasonable use of anti -microbial drugs.

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