After taking medicine in the early stages of pregnancy, children can’t ask?Mom must be rational!

Many new mothers do not know that they are pregnant when they take medicine. After the medicine has not come to the menstruation, she knows that she is pregnant, so she starts to worry and entangle. Can the children want it?

I was just pregnant with Erbao. I didn’t know the obstacles (that is, the wisdom teeth) without knowing pregnancy, and I ate artificial beef gnatzole, cephalosporin and ibuprofen, and I knew Huai after a few days!pregnant!It’s!A clear day of thunderbolt made me breathless. I said that taking medicine may cause the child to be deformity. If you are pregnant and take medicine, can the child ask?After running three or four hospitals, all the doctors said that the child may be teratable, but if you still do n’t want to look at yourself, I tangled for a long time and finally decided to ask for it, mainly because of the following two time points.

If you have the last menstrual period that came on February 1st, if the menstrual period is regular, and taking medicine before March 1, whether you take contraceptives or other types of medicine, there are only two possibilities, survival or death.If the child can see the B -ultrasound and live a healthy survival, it means that the drug has no effect on the child. If it has an impact, the child will flow, so it is important to take medicine.

If you happen to take medicine after March 1, you must depend on the type and dose of the medicine.If like the above examples, cephalosporins and ibuprofen generally have less impact on children, but metronidazole is banned for pregnant women. If you take such medicines on March 1 on March 1,It has the impact on children, but it depends on the development of the child.

Generally, sperm and eggs are combined in the uterus in 10-12 days. When the fertilized eggs are in the bed, the medicine is not impacting the fetus.Because the placenta is not formed, the drug will soon be metabolized in the body, which will not affect the fetus.After the fertilized eggs, you can check it with early pregnancy test strips. The time is generally 7–10 days after combination, you can check whether you are pregnant.

The fertilized eggs have been planted in the uterine membrane, but the tissue has not yet been differentiated. The effect of the drug produced is not except abortion, which does not cause teratogenic.Do not worry about taking drugs before or early pregnancy.3-8 weeks after fertilization (5-10 weeks of menopause) is the period of differentiation of various organs of embryos. It is easily affected by external factors such as drugs and caused fetal malformations.At this time, you can use it firmly without medication. If you have to use the medicine, you must take the medicine carefully under the guidance of the doctor.

I immediately went to do a B -ultrasound after testing the pregnancy test stick. I found that there was a yolk sac but no germ was seen. It was explained that it was early in pregnancy.So rest assured to leave the child.

The effects of drugs on children and mothers are very great. When mothers make decisions, they must accurately analyze according to their own circumstances, and combine 2 time points to comprehensively judge.It’s not easy, cherish every life, cherish every chance of being a mother, don’t let fear lose the opportunity to meet your child.

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