After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant?Be careful to pay attention to #amniotic fluid puncture

After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant, and I must pay attention to preparing for pregnancy!

If the child is really a problem after birth, it will be catastrophic.Yesterday, Fan Consulting a pregnant mother did not have the idea to do it, should I do amniotic fluid puncture?Ask everyone again, I thought it should be because I was pregnant or Tangshan hadn’t had it, so I was@再 下.I have been paying attention to the reply in the group. It is generally risky, but I am afraid to scare him.Because of the result of the sheep wearing, he didn’t dare to do it again.

If the child is really a problem after birth, it will be catastrophic.So I quickly asked the reason why he was pregnant.One is that the elderly pregnant woman and the other are both husband and wife.In fact, when I saw the first reason, I thought it was okay, mainly the second one, I planned to reply to her on the screen, and then I wrote delete and deleted writing, and tangled for 20 minutes.Because I don’t know how to return.

In terms of emotional perspective, I definitely want the baby to be healthy and healthy.But as a knowledge blogger, it is really risky to talk about sheep wearing. This is a helpless place.Even before the doctor, the doctor had to sign for the pregnant mother.And some of the impact of taking medicine on children can be checked, and some may not be found.But how big the impact is, one is that no one dares to guarantee us, and the other is that a special doctor needs to evaluate you.Whether it is a good result or a bad result, you need to bear it yourself.

So today, through this matter, I sent this video to want people who do n’t want children. You really do your contraception.For those who are planning to be a child, don’t take medicine casually.

In fact, I have talked about this problem more than once or twice. I do n’t want problems that can be avoided easily, but a small life is deprived.This is also my original intention of doing this number, even if it can help everyone a little bit.So if you want to swipe the video, you can also share this video with people in need.

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