After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant. Will the baby deform?

Recently, the bacteria have been frequently asked about a question in the message: I took some medicines, and some were still contraceptives, but found that they were pregnant. What should I do?

After thinking about it, the New Year, what you want to see and not want to see you have to see, and those who should come back are back. As the saying goes, "Xiaobei is a new wedding!"The little couple is called a dry firewood fire.But there are many people in the New Year, and the germs are easy to spread, and women will get sick if they are not careful, so they take medicine without any precautions.But I didn’t expect that I found myself pregnant after taking the medicine!So the backstage of October fungus blew up. For example, "I found that I was pregnant after taking XX drugs, can the child want it?" "I took XX medicine, do you say my child has a problem?" And so on, etc.October bacteria made a uniform answer here today.

In fact, these impacts need to be comprehensively judged based on the type, dose, and medication time of the drug.

If the medicine is used within 17 days after fertilization, there are two cases of the impact on the fetus: the first is embryo death or abortion, and the second is that there is no impact and can continue pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers need to perform ultrasound examination after 7 weeks of pregnancy. If you can see germ and fetal heart, you can eliminate the impact of the drug.

If you take medicine 18-55 days after fertilization, it is most likely to cause congenital malformations in the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should consider or consult the doctor carefully, and decide whether to continue pregnancy based on the medication of the medication and the types of drugs used.

If you use medication from 8 weeks to a full month after fertilization, the drug can affect the growth and development of the fetus through the placenta, causing the central nervous system damage or limited fetal growth, abnormal long -term functional behavior, such as low IQ.Therefore, after taking medicine during pregnancy, pay attention to consulting the doctor in time, check on time, and pay attention to the detection of fetal malformations, such as Tang’s screening, NT examination, and so on.

In normal life, mothers should also pay attention to avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances, such as tobacco, alcohol, etc. If you need to get sick, you must use it under the guidance of a doctor.It is hoped that at this stage of pregnancy, each pregnant mother can develop the habit of rational medication and cautious medication.

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