After the 70s, the mother -in -law’s post -90s daughter’s test after pregnancy, the post -80s son -in -law: mother -in -law, don’t want


The mother’s love is selfless and great for the child, and even more for her own children. She thinks that when she is right, she would rather give everything to her, and sometimes these pets make people laugh.Admissions and distress.

Share this story for you, appreciate the love of the mother -in -law’s different tests

A few days ago, my friend Xiaoyi came to a business trip, and after the wine was full, I talked about each other’s life.Xiaoyi was a good friend I met when I was in internship. At that time, he was at a loss, and there was no now.Taking advantage of the wine, it turns out …

Talkor: Xiaoyi (pseudonym)

After that year, after that, I felt full of achievements and returned to the school, because the place where we taught was a mountainous area, which helped many left -behind children to improve their learning and cognition. When I left, the children were flowing with tears in their eyes, along the one along that, along the one, along that, along that, along that, along that, along that, along that, along that, along that, followed that.Zhang Zhang’s little black face rolled down, and several colleagues of our teachings were reluctant. He had no choice but to do his studies. "Teacher, please go slowly.In the shout of studying hard ", I left three steps back.

After graduating in 2004, I found a school in my hometown to teach, and became a glorious people’s teacher and taught knowledge. This is also my work that I love, so I work hard.Until I met my lover, at that time, they opened a small restaurant by the side of school. I was single, but I was too lazy to cook, and often went to eat.Little girl, beautiful mouthful, hard -working and sensible, she will meet her every day after school. Every time she calls me: "Yige, Yi brother" does not call Teacher Yi, of course I also like her sensible. At that time, I did n’t know this little girl.It is my future partner. Now think about it, fate is doomed.

In the blink of an eye, in the past 2012, and in the years of standing, my parents’ parents repeatedly urged, and the male and female married and women were married. I am also at the age of late marriage.To be honest, although he has not been hungry in the past few years, he has no savings. Parents have been in the crops who have faced with the loess and facing the sky. They want to marry my daughter -in -law.

The house is the old wooden house in his hometown. The unit is a single dormitory. It is really difficult to get a family. At that time, the salary of the teacher was really worried.Of course, the blind date still has to go. There are many good complexions before and after, and they have not seen each other.

One night, there is another daily life that failed a blind date. Go to the little restaurant of the girl’s house, prepare to drink, go back to rest, and the face is helpless and sour.At that time, the girl was in her freshman year, and she returned on vacation. She still called Yige enthusiastically, and then talked to know that her brother Yiji failed. She smirked, and I immediately gave her two brains.

After her ancient spirit was strange, they felt a lot of good mood. After eating, their shops had to snooze, dragged slightly, and slowly walked towards a single dormitory.There are too much, are you afraid of falling?

The little girl walked slowly with me. Suddenly the little girl said: "Brother Yi, don’t be sad, don’t go on a blind date in the future, wait for me to graduate, marry you." I turned and glanced at herThe girl’s face was serious, and I said, "You little girl film, I can be your uncle, what do you think, don’t make trouble." The little girl raised her neck and said, "Don’t believe it, just wait to see it, just look at it, just look at it, just look at it, just look at it, just look at it, just look at it, as long as you just want to see it, just look at it.When I graduated, you didn’t marry your daughter -in -law, and I would marry you. "Then I ran back with a hip -hop. At that time, I really thought she was a joke to coax me happily!

In the second day of the first month of the first month, my cousin came home to see my parents and talked about the life plan. In fact, it was plain, just talk about how to make money, buy a house, buy a car, etc.He said that the field was large, his culture was not high, and he couldn’t help him. He also said that if there was a high culture of my culture and different changes, the smallpox was messy, and I wanted to ask me to stop my salary and stay to help him.Get started, you can also do business …

In fact, I was moving. Rather than holding a fixed salary, I lived without death. Even the goal of marrying a daughter -in -law could not reach it.Perhaps, isn’t it necessarily a double receipt of love career?

In this way, after the fifteenth day of the first month, I went to the school to complete the formalities, bid farewell to her parents, and gave a message to the little girl, and took the little girl’s reply: "Yi brother, go, don’t worry!" Follow the cousin to go south toGuangzhou.

In Guangzhou, as my cousin said, the bustling and blind eyes of my clumsy eyes, without coming to appreciate it, started busy work. After a long time, I slowly explored and explored the doorway inside.Just on the side of the cousin, a processing factory was opened by himself, and the relationship between his cousin was getting better and better.Just in a hurry to do business, money made more money than I thought, but time slipped away quietly. I didn’t have to marry a daughter -in -law in a hurry. It came in 2018.

This year, it focuses on environmental protection. Small enterprises are rectified, and they are transferred to the industrial area. The rent pressure is large and the economic crisis. It is quite uncomfortable to do foreign trade in small enterprises.The factory was exchanged to my cousin and returned to the house. I haven’t returned for a few years. I don’t know if the parents’ head adds white hair. The guilt is born.

After returning home, there was no blame in the eyes of the parents. More worried and apologizing, giving the parents a long -lost hug to show guilt.People say, "Parents are there, not far away." But what is the way to do when the conditions are not allowed?

After returning, I started to go to the school to complete the employment procedures, continue to settle down, teach and educate people, and live a stable life!

The environment outside the school changed a lot, and the small girl’s shop was gone. Ask a lot of people, only to know the location of her new store. It turned out to be on the back door snack street.When I found the little girl, there was less ancient spirit and weird, and a little more vicissitudes and old success. Seeing my arrival, the little girl put down the rags in her hand, rushed to me, and hurried my hand, and said, "Yi, brother,Where are you going? I haven’t seen you in 5 years. "While saying that tears fell down, the grievance looked really distressing.

It turned out that the little girl graduated three years ago and came back to find me highly, but she couldn’t find it. She was prepared to work first, but I didn’t know that God had a joke for them. Her dad went in the early morning of the day.When pulling the vegetables, there was a car accident. The rescue was invalid and left the girl and mother. The mother and daughter were distracted. After the father’s funeral, the mother collapsed. No one took care of it. The little girl had to give up her job.Come back to take care of, while taking care of my mother, doing business, and going to school from time to time to inquire about the news of "Yige", so after 3 years.

Now that I am back, the little girl is happy, holding my hand and not letting go, asking for dinner at night to leave, okay, you make you naughty.

In the evening, two wine glasses, three people, four tablets.

At first I thought the little girl was married and didn’t ask. There was nothing disappointed or something else in my heart. Later, I found out that no one came. As far as the little girl and my mother and daughter, the little girl saw my doubts, and then began to explain, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying this, saying that this said.It is my father. This is the case every day in three years. Mom will be happy.

Later, when I ate halfway, the little girl asked me, where I went to the years and personal problems, a pile of seven or eight, when I heard that I was not a family, the little girl was full of peach blossoms and smiled stupidly.Essence

When the wine is full, when the door is leaving, the little girl has repeatedly mentioned it, saying, "Brother Yi, you can marry me, I like you from an early age, until now, my dad is gone, my mother is mentally spiritual.Okay, I’m so scared! "I heard my heart trembling for a while, my poor little girl:" Is Yi brother worth you to treat me like this? "I really didn’t have this idea beforeThe nostalgia for eating in the store for several years.

Today, the little girl’s complaint, my heart ripples in my heart, I said, "Girl, there are a lot of you, do you agree?" The little girl said, "Mom said a long time ago, to marry someone, she has to marry someone.Just look for Yige, you like you. "I had nothing to say, so I asked the little girl for a little time and considered it.

In the following days, after a day, I still go to the girl’s house for dinner. Over time, people are not grass and trees.In this way, the water came together, and naturally came together.

In 2019, on the tenth day of the first month, it is also on February 14th Valentine’s Day. IKEA married and happy to pick up the bride. On this day, we became a family in the blessing of relatives and friends, and finally got married!

The mother -in -law was also renewed because of the marriage of the little girl. The whole person was renewed and not stunned. I bought a big house as a wedding room before I got married. My parents and my mother -in -law sometimes came to live.The mother -in -law spirit, my parents no longer worry about my marriage, and wait for my grandson.

Speaking of which, my mother -in -law made me cry and laugh, but I was very moved and admired. The third month after the marriage, my wife Huaibao was happy.I am very delicious and happy, but I occasionally I see my mother -in -law’s brows frown tightly. What seems to be worried about?

Once I asked my mother -in -law, I said, "Mom, what’s the matter, what are you worried about?" I thought my mother -in -law was missing my father -in -law, but my mother -in -law pulled me to the balcony and looked at me and said, "LittleYi, my mother knows that you are young, and the girl who gets married will be pregnant and can’t wait for you. Don’t blame her, don’t find a woman who is not three or not, it’s not clean. Don’t betray the girl because of this.I can’t help it, although my mother is old, I can still wait for people. "

At that time, my brain was buzzing, frightened, and hurriedly said, "Mom, you can rest assured, I will not mess up. In this life, I only love the girl.Messy, what do you say to wait for me, you can stop, don’t let me live, I don’t want it. "Perhaps it was the mother -in -law to knock me the alert, maybe trial testing me.very.Fortunately, I really don’t have these ideas, fortunately!

Later, like crossing the river by touching the stone, carefully, I guess this life, and I don’t want such an opportunity to have such a chance!


After listening to the story of Brother Yi and the girl, I was also moved. It turned out that this thing was wonderful. Sometimes marriage was in the meditation.

It is destined to admire the persistence of the girl. If her "Yi brother" is married when he is in business, what will the latter story look like?

Regarding the words of the mother -in -law, no matter the test or fact, it makes people admire the selfless dedication of a mother to give her daughter love.


In reality, because the wife’s pregnancy derailment is also slightly heard, I feel a lot of loyalty to Xiao Yi’s. It is really


If you are Xiaoyi or a girl, can you stand up to the waiting and test of years?

What would you do if you encounter the same mother -in -law as Xiaoyi?

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