After the baby is born, these parts of Baoma touched more to promote bone and brain development. Don’t ignore

The current mothers can be said to be very hard. When I am pregnant, I will worry that the child may develop well in the stomach, and you need to consider various problems.After the child is born, you have to think about how to exercise the child to make them smart, beautiful, and high.However, don’t worry about mothers. Everything needs to be slowly. In the usual life, after the baby is born, the treasure mother of these parts can touch more, which can promote bone and brain development. Don’t ignore it.

The first is the child’s feet.Nowadays, the height of society is really a very big problem. Many parents who are not very tall will worry that their children will not grow when they grow up.In fact, inheritance is only one of them. Children grow taller and need other factors to cooperate. Movement is one of these factors.At this time, parents will think that when their children are not walking for a few months, how can they let them exercise?In fact, exercise mainly depends on the feet. When the child does not walk, we only need to massage the child’s feet to play a role in exercise.There are a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of the child’s feet. Through the parent’s massage, these acupuncture points can be stimulated, so that the child’s bones can be better developed.

The second is the massage of the child’s hand.We all know that there are many acupoints on your hand.Usually massage in the opposite side can effectively alleviate the various symptoms on the body.For children, often massaging the acupuncture points on their hands can promote the development of the right brain, which can make their brains particularly flexible, and then it will become smarter.

Although they often touch their children’s hands and feet, they are very good for their development, but parents and friends should also pay attention to.Because children’s skin and bones are relatively fragile and strong, they will cause damage to their bodies. They are too light and may not achieve their desired results.Interested parents can check some related books to learn how to grasp this strength.

When the child is still young, it is more effective to massage the opponent’s feet, but after the child will leave, you can change to a way.For example, let them often play some puzzle games and toys, so that they often run more, do not always hold the children, take them to walk around when they have time, let them come into contact with new things outside.It is also very good for their physical development.

The above is some of the contents to be said today, so if you have children at home, you can try these methods mentioned above.

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