After the flow of people, the holiday is "absent"?Or it is related to these 4 reasons, you have to treat it well

If women have unexpected miscarriage, if you want to terminate pregnancy, you can achieve it through drug abortion and artificial abortion, but many women have no menstruation after the abortion. This situation should understand what the reasons behindRegulating the body, the body maintains healthy, the estrogen is secreted normally, and the endometrium is normally falling off. The performance of not menstruation will naturally reduce it.So, in this case, what factors may be related to the absenteeism of women?

1. Excessive mental stress after people flow

After the flow of people, the menstruation may be caused by mental factors. After many women, after the abortion, the body may have discomfort, and there is a mental change.It may stimulate the body’s hormone level fluctuations. Many women under the influence of this cause, resulting in normal menstruation.If it is caused by this, negative emotions should be eliminated, and it should be actively improved by maintaining emotional stability.

2. Multiple flow damage to the uterus

After the flow of women, there is no menstruation, and the endometrium may be damaged.Because women’s many abortion of the endometrium can be damaged, and it is even easy to cause the endometrium thickness to not meet the standards. Women want to increase the difficulty of menstruation normally, and may even damage women’s fertility function.If this is caused by this, you should pay attention to the protection of the uterus. You must not be manual many times, otherwise the endometrial repair is not satisfactory, it is damaged, and the normal menstruation of women will be disturbed.

3. The organ function after abortion has not recovered

After the flow of people, there is no menstruation, and it may be that the normal organs have not returned to normal state.Because after pregnancy, women’s hormone levels will change, important body organs will respond. At this time, ovulation stops ovulation, and the endometrium will no longer fall off.

Due to the flow of people just experienced, these important organs have not returned to normal state, and there may not be menstruation. It takes a while to return to normal state.If you do not recover for a long time, check in time.

4. Endocrine dysfunction

After the flow of women, there is no normal menstruation and need to doubt endocrine dysfunction.Endocrine level fluctuations are the main reasons for women to do not have a normal menstruation. Many women do not maintain good living habits after people flow.

Body care is not in place, and often staying up late and unreasonable diet may cause endocrine dysfunction, and the significant fluctuation of hormone in the body can cause women to be affected.If it is caused by this reason, the protection of the ovarian and uterus should be paid attention to, and the body can be adjusted by maintaining normal endocrine function, these special performance will be reduced.”””””

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