After the girl in Hebei was pregnant, every time she saw the meals made by her mother -in -law, she had no appetite. My mother -in -law: There are too many things

The taste of a woman after pregnancy is much worse than before they get married. I believe that those who are pregnant have such feelings. Before the little red in Hebei, she eats everything, but after pregnancy, she starts to become picky.Seeing the meal made by her mother -in -law, she said that she had no appetite and went out to take out takeaway. Every time her mother -in -law encountered such a situation, she felt that she had a lot of things.

Because the mother -in -law looks like this, the relationship between her mother -in -law is getting worse and worse. To be honest, who meets such a mother -in -law in real life, there is no way to harmonize, and every pregnant woman is more sensitive, but this mother -in -law is this mother -in -law, but this mother -in -law is this mother -in -law, but this mother -in -lawThere are also myself, and I feel that my daughter -in -law has been picking up for my hard meal. This is the reason for insufficient communication.Let ’s take a look at everyone first, what are the meals prepared by my mother -in -law for Xiaohong!

Every pregnant person needs nutrition, so when my mother -in -law is cooking, she also pays more attention to this. The ribs stewed beans made today, knowing that the daughter -in -law cannot smell the oil smoke, so there is no pan in the pot when making this dish.Just put the ribs in the water soaked in blood, and then fry it in the boiling water. Finally, stewed in the casserole, because there is no sugar color, so the color of the ribs is not so good.The bean horn, this bean horn was bought in the vegetable market early, it was particularly fresh, and the taste was very good.

Although the taste of this dish will be much worse than frying, considering that Xiaohong’s current state can only be tightened first. In factPractice to daughter -in -law.

Because Xiaohong can’t eat the staple food now, and she can’t eat too greasy things, her mother -in -law deliberately wraps her dumplings, and the dumplings inside are also packed in the taste of Xiaohong.They especially like to eat meat dumplings, but Xiaohong is a northerner. It is not acceptable to the taste of meat dumplings, so when she wraps her taste, she also wraps her taste.Essence

I do n’t know if you have eaten steamed vegetables. This kind of dish is relatively simple. Put the clean green leaf vegetables and flour together and stir together. Put it on the steamed drawer and steam it.If you eat it, although such steamed vegetables do not taste much, it can be mixed with various seasonings, and the taste is also very good.

However, Xiaohong, a northerner, does not like to eat steamed vegetables, so her mother -in -law made a lotus noodle for her, knowing that Xiaohong was more afraid of fat, so she used buckwheat noodles to cook, but because of pregnancy, the taste changed.Xiao Hong doesn’t like buckwheat noodles, and feels a strange taste.

To be honest, when I saw these dishes prepared by my mother -in -law, they were also thinking about Xiaohong, but he ignored a problem, that is, the taste of women after pregnancy has changed too much.These two people usually do not communicate, so they have some misunderstandings, but under the arrangement of Xiaohong’s husband, the mother said that the puzzles in their hearts were puzzled, and they were as good as the beginning.

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