After the ligation is surgery, it is not only a way to do a test tube.

Golden Autumn October is a bumper season. Recently, I also received a lot of good news of pregnant children.On October 21, Ms. Xiong had a little baby boy in a caesarean section and sent me a good news of WeChat. Seeing her excited words, I also became excited.

Lice for more than ten years, I want to fight for opportunities to restore fertility

Ms. Xiong this year is 35 years old. Ningbo people in Zhejiang have two daughters. When the second child was pregnant, Ms. Xiong and her husband decided to ligate and not have children.To achieve the purpose of permanent contraception.With a small family of two children, warm and harmonious, but Ms. Xiong’s husband left three of their mother and daughter because of accidents a few years later.

Since then, Ms. Xiong has carried the burden of raising two children alone.Perhaps it is the arrangement of fate, the fate comes, and I met the current husband again by chance. Ms. Xiong described him as a diligent and honest person. No matter what he did, she would put her and her daughter first first firstWhen he saw his attitude, Ms. Xiong accepted his proposal, and soon they entered the palace of marriage.After Ms. Xiong and her current husband got married, they wanted to give him a child to thank him for taking care of himself and his children for so many years, so he decided to perform the tubal resume surgery to give her husband a complete home.

Ms. Xiong had an examination in a local hospital. The doctor learned that she had been doing tubal ligation for 12 years. She told her that the success rate of resumed operation was not high. It was not recommended to perform surgery. She could choose IVF.Ms. Xiong didn’t want to give up like this. I checked on the Internet that I was very professional for treating female infertility. She was particularly good at tubal surgery. She came to Hangzhou to find me.

The first month of the postoperative pregnancy was successfully pregnant, and now I have a child

In October 2019, Ms. Xiong and her husband came to Hangzhou to find me. After asking her about her situation in detail, I said that she needs to evaluate the physical conditions through scientific examinations.Medical technology, the success rate of surgery is very high.

This gave Ms. Xiong a lot of confidence in restoring fertility, and I cooperated with me to perform surgery -related inspections that day.After the results of Ms. Xiong’s examination came out, I initially confirmed that Ms. Xiong suffered from the proximal blockage and adhesion of bilateral fallopian tubes, suspecting the disease of the uterine cavity adhesion.In addition, other evaluations have reached the standard.I explained the condition to Ms. Xiong in an easy -going way, and said that Ms. Xiong could perform a tubal resume surgery.

Ms. Xiong trusts my major and decides to surgery as soon as possible.In response to the situation of Ms. Xiong, I formulated the conditioning of surgery and postoperative Chinese and Western medicine. Ms. Xiong’s surgery was very successful. After a month of drug recovery, the third month after the operation, Ms. Xiong successfully conceived her baby.EssenceBefore Ms. Xiong and his wife learned that she was pregnant, she did not dare to imagine that pregnancy could be so fast.According to Ms. Xiong’s situation, I gave Ms. Xiong a two -month precision fetal protection.

Today, nearly October, Ms. Xiong successfully "unloaded" and gave birth to a fat little boy. She came to report happily, and also introduced the sisters who were also troubled by infertility.

On the road to pregnancy, we tried our best to help the family we wanted to have a child.

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