After the marriage, the man found that his wife concealed the history of pregnancy: What are the differences between women who have given birth?

Mr. Jiang in Fuzhou and his wife got married in November 2019.After the marriage, Mr. Lin found that there was a suspicious scar on his wife’s belly. Then he took a serious look at the belly, and there was obvious lines. Mr. Lin determined that this was a stretch mark of a woman who had given birth to a child.

However, the two had not had children just when they got married. Mr. Lin felt that his wife must have given birth before marrying him, and she also concealed this matter.In this regard, Mr. Lin’s wife Ms. Lin said that she really had a child, but never had a child.

After knowing the truth of the matter, Mr. Lin said that it was difficult to accept and proposed a divorce. He hoped that his wife would refund the 150,000 of the 280,000 gifts given.

However, Ms. Lin disagreed and was willing to return 30-50,000. She hoped to solve this matter through legal channels instead of her husband to do it. After all, she has been married for so long.

Let’s take a look at how netizens think of this?

Netizen 1: Because of this, he chose to divorce, indicating that this man does not really love her, so what do you want him, there is no pattern that a man should have.

Netizen 2: Isn’t it even better to have a good time? It proves that people can have childbirth, and things will become simple.

Netizen 3: I think this woman should not be concealed. People spent so many gifts to marry you into the door. Actually in exchange for a second marriage, it is not easy to change it. This is not a usual concealment.Essence

Netizen 4: The husband and wife should be frank. This incident is not right. Pregnancy is not a trivial matter. It even concealed it. This is an infidelity to marriage.

This is not necessarily. Even if some women have no children, there will be scars on the belly, such as appendicitis surgery and uterine cyst surgery.

The stretch marks on the stomach are not exclusive to women who have had children. Some obese women also have, especially women after losing weight.Some women are well maintained during pregnancy, and there is no stretch marks on the belly after giving birth, which cannot show that this person has never had birth.

Therefore, we must not conclude that others have giving birth according to the scars or stretch marks on the belly.However, Ms. Lin in the incident acknowledged that she had been pregnant, but had no children.

Change on the belly

Most women will leave stretch marks on the belly after giving birth to children. This is because hormone changes during pregnancy and elastic fibers in the skin of the abdominal wall of the uterus are formed.Stretch marks will not disappear quickly, it takes a long time to fade, or even not.

If it is a mother with a caesarean section, there will be a long scar on their belly. This scar is very obvious and it is not easy to remove scars.

Women who have given birth to children, their belly is also easy to relax. After all, if you have a child for ten months, the big contraction of the belly will make the muscles not firm.

Changes in the chest

A woman who has given birth to a child will have a little drooping. If it is not well maintained, it will easily expand, and even the color of RY will be deepened. The woman who has not been born has a strong chest and the color of RY is pink.

Change of hip

Women who have given birth to children will look wide on their hips. This is caused by pelvic dilatation during pregnancy, and the muscles of the hips will also look relaxed.After childbirth, these characteristics are not so easy to recover. You need to repair it special.

Emotional changes

Women who have given birth to children will always raise their children inadvertently when chatting with others, or chat with everyone to have childcare experience; women who have never given birth are not interested in such chats, or even talk.

Of course, these are only for most women. Some women have special constitutions. They have not changed at all after giving birth to children, and even more women’s charm.


The husband and wife in the marriage should be honest, especially don’t conceal some of the wedding history and fertility history before marriage. After all, these things cannot be concealed. There are no windy walls, nor do you have a chance.

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