After the same room, the woman "below" bleed, what’s the matter?Doctor: Can’t escape 5 reasons

"In the past, this kind of thing has never been told to others, and there will be some aggrieved in my heart."

A female reader privately wrote her sister. She said her grievances.

The reader said that in the two days when she gave birth to the first child, her husband was impatient to be in the same room.

"I am a girl and listen to the elders that I have said that this time is never possible, and it is likely to have life." She also said that some friends told her that only individual women didn’t matter. Maybe she was the lucky person.At the request of her husband, there was only some blood after the same room, and she didn’t think there was any discomfort.

Sister Miao believes that bleeding can not be underestimated after the same room, no matter what the reason, it cannot be taken lightly.

After the intercourse, some women suddenly found that their underwear had blood, panic, and bleeding during the same room. It was also called contact bleeding in medicine.

1. Menstrual blood, when menstruation goes in the same room, under sexual stimulation will greatly cause uterine contraction, causing the blood from the remaining blood in the uterus, forming the phenomenon of bleeding after the same room.

2. Women may not be prepared because of the first time or too nervous. If male friends do not treat gently, rough friction will cause women to break and bleed.

3. Yin trail tear bleeding is common in the yin trail to tear brought by rude and violent friction, and then damaged the bleeding. There is also the possibility of tearing after the development of the yin tract deformity.

4. The calamity caused by gynecological inflammation, such as cervicitis, endometritis, and cervical erosion. Because the symptoms of inflammation are not obvious, patients are often easy to ignore. When the same room is in the same room, it will cause bloody secretion to log in.

5. The worst is: suffering from cervical cancer.This is because cancerous cervicitis can make the cervical tissue extremely fragile, and a little impact stimulation can cause bleeding.

The same room must not only master the atmosphere, but also take time.These few times are generally not recommended in the same room:

1. Different rooms during fatigue.Fatigue will cause people to disappoint their desires in a short time. Of course, if the relationship is forcibly, it is actually very unfavorable to the life of the husband and wife. In the first place, men may have weakness in the same room, distinguish the distraction, or they may not feel it.The long -term will make the two sides feel tired.

2. Do not work in the early stages of pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, the same room should be more cautious. In the early days, the fetal instability cannot be the same room.The same room is easy to cause a pioneering abortion. The fetus should be as different as possible in the 3 months before pregnancy. When there is bleeding or stomach pain, the same room is prohibited.

3. Women during menstruation, please refuse the same room. During the period of menstruation, women’s physical resistance will drop rapidly. At this time, the female uterine mouth is opened to promote blood circulation.It will cause irregular menstruation and other conditions. It may also be infected with gynecological diseases, leading to infertility.

4. When you are full or hungry, your stomach is very hungry.The "irritating" activity is not conducive to the digestion of the human body, and it is easy to cause accumulation. It may affect gastrointestinal function in the long run. When the body is in a low blood sugar state when hungryThe quality of the same room.

Is there any time to do nothing after menopause?

In fact, many women will have such questions, but according to scientific statistics, the human body still maintains good demand after the age of 60. However, due to the decline of estrogen brought by menopause, the wall of the Yin road is sluggish, which often leads to the occurrence of secretions during women’s intercourse.Insufficient, friction in dry state causes discomfort.

But don’t worry, experts suggest that taking estrogen according to medical suggestions can effectively solve the above problems.

In general, the same room is an important channel for bisexual maintenance feelings. Take care of the precautions in the process, otherwise it will be good.

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