After the sow is pregnant, feed it according to the method of raising the pig, and there are two pigs in one child.

Some pig friends consult, always say that it is necessary to do a good job of breeding management during pregnancy. What about breeding management during pregnancy?How can it be done well, what harm will be done if it is not good?

Some friends who have just begun to support the sow, hear the management of breeding, simply think that it is to feed the sows more, so that the sow is full every day, and the sow is definitely not bad!Will it really be like this friend?The feeding of sows during pregnancy is not just feeding. Every stage is particular about. If your sow has a small number of babies and often sows are difficult to give birth or death, then you need to consider whether the breeding management is produced.The problem.So what is the correct sow breeding management during pregnancy?Let me simply share it.

The sow is limited within seven days after breeding, and there are two more pigs.The sows within seven days after the breeding are enough to feed 4 pounds of pregnancy every day. During this period, sows do not need much energy. If you feed more, it will affect the production of progesterone and increase the mortality of the embryo. The feeding of this period was more than 4 catties, and the embryo mortality rose by 25%.

8 to 15 days after the breeding, short -term feed is needed.The fetus during this period is very small, and the demand for nutrition is not very large. The sow can store some physical fitness in addition to maintaining their own needs. Excellent feed during this period refersPig feed a egg or duck egg, and change the mammals, 4 pounds a day.

After the breeding, 20 to 90 days, the sow is adjusted.During this period, according to the sow’s emotions, the feeding amount is decided.During the development of pig breast development, energy feed needs to be reduced, otherwise breast fat, less milk affects piglets growing up.

91 to 114 days after the breeding, increase the nutritional stage.The fetal growth and development of the fetus accounted for 70%of the entire development stage, so you must give enough nutrition in the late pregnancy period, increase energy feed, increase the first birth and neat of the piglets, so as not to be born in the size of the piglets. Therefore, breastfeeding is fed during this period.Sows with 1 to 2 tires are 6 pounds per day after 95 days, and 7 pounds per day each day after 91 days of birth sow.

In addition to feeding, in the environment, temperature, disinfection, and epidemic prevention, such as pseudo -rabies that sows must make, small vaccines, and the best bows for sows.It is also necessary to allow sows to have sufficient amounts of activity to reduce sows. If there are firecrackers in the Chinese New Year, pay attention to prevent sow from flowing.

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