After the woman is pregnant, she asked for colorful gifts, houses, and cars. The man cannot satisfy the breakup. Should Caoli retire?

After knowing each other in 2019, Xiao Li and Xiaoyan quickly fell in love, and they established a relationship.In January 2020, after Xiaoyan was pregnant, the two began to talk about the "price".Xiaoyan asked Xiao Li for a 200,000 colorful gift, and the answer should be held in accordance with the rural customs.Later, Xiao Li paid the 100,000 yuan gift to Xiaoyan account.In February 2020, Xiaoyan performed abortion surgery.

At the beginning of 2021, Xiao Li’s father died of a sudden illness, and the economic situation of the Xiao Li family deteriorated.Xiaoyan insisted on asking the man to buy a house and a car. The contradiction between the two became deeper and deeper, and eventually broke up.

After the two broke up, Xiao Li thought that Cai Lijin was asked by Xiao Yan to ask him. Pay himself on the premise that Xiaoyan promised to marry himself. Since the two are not married, Xiaoyan should give the man all the gifts given by the man.Give it to the man.Xiaoyan thought that Cai Li was voluntarily given by the man. Although the two did not receive a marriage certificate, they also lived together, and they also had a miscarriage of Xiao Li and did not agree to return Cai Li.

The fact that the two sides should retire for the gift of gifts have always been arguing, and the last two had a lawsuit for this.Xiao Li was filled with Xiao Yan in court.

As the plaintiff, Xiaoli proposed to the court that Xiaoyan asked himself when he discussed his marriage, but the two sides did not get married in the end, and the two had broken up, so Xiaoyan asked Xiaoyan to return her 100,000 yuan prepaid gift.Xiaoyan believes that because Xiao Li’s family changes, they have broken up, and the two sides have a common living expenses since January 2020, and during the period of time, the woman had an abortion surgery.Mental loss fee.

The court tried that the plaintiff paid a huge amount of gift money in order to achieve the purpose of concluding marriage. Although the original defendant had lived together, the two did not apply for marriage registration.The plaintiff requested the defendant to return the lottery gifts to comply with the law.Due to the common living expenditure during the joint life of the original and the defendant, some of the colorful gifts received by the defendant have actually used the common life of the original defendant. Cai Lichang should deduct the proper common living expenses of the two and return it to the plaintiff.In the end, the court ruled that Xiaoyan refunded the plaintiff’s lottery with a gift of 60,000 yuan as appropriate.

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