After women are pregnant, not only the "belly" will become larger, but also these three parts are changing quietly

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Pregnancy is a very important stage in a woman’s life. Not only will it change psychologically, but the body will change subtly. In addition to slowly becoming larger than the stomach changes during pregnancy, other parts of the body will quietly change.

It can be said that women before pregnancy and women after pregnancy will change greatly in their bodies. Some women are not able to adapt to this change, and indirectly may also affect their emotions.

Xiao Xia and her husband met at the university. After five or six years of love entering the marriage hall, Xiao Xia was a very favorite girl before marriage. After marriage, she was busy with work and life.Xiao Xia gradually focused on life.

Xiao Xia’s weight before pregnancy is about 100 pounds. As the belly gets bigger and bigger, Xiao Xia feels that her body has become more bloated. Although she is not so particular about life, no woman can endure her ugliness and fat.

And Xiaoxia also found that her temper seems to be getting worse and worse. She often can’t help but want to get angry. A little thing can criticize her husband for a long time.It is unable to hold on, which also led to the crisis of the relationship between the couple.

In fact, the woman after pregnancy not only becomes bigger and bigger, and other parts are changing quietly. Some women will become thicker, some are thicker arms, and some are getting more and more irritable.Someone is curious, what will happen to women after pregnancy?

First, women’s "chest"

In addition to slowly becoming bigger after pregnancy, there are some women, and "breasts" will quietly become larger. What is the reason?Because during pregnancy, the estrogen in women’s body is more secreted, and estrogen is also increasing, which will cause some pregnant mothers to "breast" secondary development.

Compared with the original, the visual effects are different, and the breast function of the pregnant mother has become more developed. Of course, this is also a good thing. It is prepared for the child’s birth. By then, breastfeeding is needed.

There are also some pregnant mothers who can feel that since the second development of the "chest", the weight of the body will also be enhanced, it becomes very tired every day, and the pressure in her heart will become larger.What problems, learn to adjust your emotions, and actively face life.

Second, women’s "hips"

Some women during pregnancy also find that their hips seem to become bigger and bigger. This is not a strange thing, but a good thing.In our lives, we all say that "women with big buttocks are good for raw". By the time that children are born in the third trimester, children can be born smoothly.

In this regard, some pregnant mothers like some pregnant mothers who do not like it. They think that the hips are too large affecting the beauty of the figure, but don’t worry too much. After giving birth, appropriate post -real estate exercise can play a certain repair effect., But also avoid overeating or sitting for a long time, otherwise it may make the hips greater.

Third, women’s "emotions"

In front of us, we also said that most of the women after pregnancy will have a bad temper. Some of the reasons are the first time to be a mother. The experience is not rich enough. The heart is worried that emotions need to be vented.You are more impatient.

The deepest feeling should be the husband. After being pregnant, his status at home has fallen thousands of feet, and he is careful to get along with his wife. He always worried that he would not be angry with his wife.

Of course, the husband must also bear a certain responsibility. After get off work, go home early to accompany his wife, chat and take a walk to help his wife soothe his emotions, and make her feel care and security.

Regarding the changes in the body throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Don’t scare yourself. If you really have something unhappy, you can communicate with your family and release emotions.

Interactive topic: Which of the above changes, which are you experienced when you are pregnant?

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