After young women are pregnant, the intellectual gums are swollen and swollen to the doctor, and I regret not dealing with it.

In the busy oral work, all kinds of pain patients are visited every day, and gum swelling and pain are also one of the common symptoms.

The gum swelling and pain that occurs in wisdom teeth is Mediced as a wisdom tooth crown inflammation. Generally, it is recommended to remove it after the symptoms are relieved.But when a woman is pregnant, it is quite tricky.

Oral examination

Let ’s talk about it together. The topic of pregnant women with wisdom tooth Crown Zhou Yan!

Wisdom tooth crown inflammation, that is, bacterial infections in the gums around the wisdom teeth, manifested as discomfort such as redness, pain, and bleeding. In severe cases, it will also cause limited mouth and affect daily work and life.If there is no timely method of intervention, inflammation will affect the surrounding tissue, which may form abscess, causing multiple gap infections and possibility of life.

Wisdom tooth Crown Zhou Yan

There are many causes of wisdom tooth crown inflammation. The clinical work is common in clinical work: Wisdom teeth are located at the end of our mouth. Often, due to insufficient jaw development, the amount of teeth> bone volume will occur.When the wisdom teeth are sprouting, the final crown is often covered by the gums. When eating, the food residues penetrate into the gum -blind bag. Over time, the bacteria continuously fermentation will cause the gum tissue edema and inflammation.

The wisdom teeth sprouting is the back of the crown Zhouyan. The wisdom teeth are located in the back of the narrow oral cavity. We often ignore it when brushing our teeth, or do not develop good oral hygiene habits. Brushing teeth is only a facade work, and the rear teeth do not take good care of it.Then after three meals a day, a large amount of soft dirt will cover the surface of wisdom gums. Due to the continuous support of nutrients, bacteria will quickly reproduce, the effect and the surface of the gums will cause redness and pain in the gums.

Wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan causes pain reactions

Pregnancy is a special time period for women, and the level of physical hormone levels during this period changes.The decreased resistance of the gums to the outside world will increase the symptoms of the original chronic gingivitis and show obvious gum swelling and pus.

In addition, changes in factors such as hormone levels and endocrine environment may also cause gingival tumors during pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, and gestational diabetes.

Gingival inflammation, hyperplasia

In general, when you encounter wisdom tooth crown inflammation, you can consider local flushing and drug control infection. After the symptoms are relieved, wisdom teeth are removed.However, during pregnancy, early use of drugs and surgical stimuli may lead to teratogenic and miscarriage. Late pain stimulation may cause risks such as premature birth, so it is more difficult to deal with.

Crown Washing

The recurred seizures of wisdom tooth crowns seriously affect daily work and life, and you can consider removing wisdom teeth during pregnancy from April to June.However, the current medical environment is poor and the risk is high. Generally, for pregnant women’s wisdom tooth crown inflammation, they adopt local hydrogen peroxide+physiological saline alternately, instructed a light diet, carefully brush their teeth, rinse their mouths, and minimize gum inflammation. Most of themIn the case, it can be effectively controlled, and the wisdom teeth are removed in time after giving birth to pregnant women.

Do a good job of oral hygiene maintenance

After women are pregnant, especially the gums of wisdom tooth crown are easy to repeat inflammation, the risk of medication and tooth extraction is greater. Pain stimulus may cause abortion and premature birth. Therefore, preparations need to be prepared during pregnancy.Oral health examination once, timely treatment of problems with problems.For example: discover dental caries, remove the lesion in time, and strictly fill it out; improve the root canal treatment, control the symptoms of root tip infection, and timely dental repair; especially when there are wisdom teeth that fail to sprout normally and fail to clean, check the inspection as soon as possible, Draw up.

Oral problems have been treated early to wash the teeth once, remove stimulating factors such as calculus and plaque on the surface of the teeth, and restore the health of the gums.Develop good oral hygiene habits, learn the correct method of brushing teeth, use dental floss scientifically, ensure that oral cleaning daily, minimize the possibility of gum inflammation, and maintain oral health.

Studies have shown that [1]: Preparation for women with oral diseases, health education, and genetic consultation, can improve the knowledge rate of oral health knowledge, the holding rate of health behavior, improve oral hygiene, reduce the occurrence of oral disease during pregnancy, reduce the occurrence of oral diseases, reduceThe incidence of poor pregnancy ending.

Therefore, as a dentist, I think that oral examinations before pregnancy are extremely important. It can be found and treated with oral diseases early, which can improve women’s oral health knowledge and minimize the risk of oral problems during pregnancy.

Oral health examination before pregnancy


[1]: Guan Shuyuan. Zhou Yuan. Zhou Xuedong and others. Pre-pregnancy oral health care and genetic consultation [J]. International Stomatology magazine .2018.05.03 (45): 324-330

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