alert!Someone is poisoned after eating!Shenzhen is listed in large quantities …

Recently, it is the season when litchi is listed in large quantities

Shenzhen in this season

Even the streets on the street are sweet


Eating lychee must also be particular, restrained

Otherwise, it may cause damage to the body

Serious or fatal

Recently, there has been an example of Hunan

Cases of poisoning caused by eating lychee

what on earth is it?

Lets come look

A woman suddenly poisoned after eating lychee

Recently, a case of poisoning caused by poisoning caused by eating litchi in Changsha Fourth Hospital.

On June 12, Xiaomei (pseudonym), a nursing nurse of the Department of Medicine of the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, suddenly sweated, pale, dizzy, and almost fell to the ground.

After investigation, her blood glucose results showed that only 2.1 mmol/L (the normal value of an aconite of an empty stomach was 3.9 to 6.1 mmol/L).

Shasha, director of the Department of General Medicine of the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, asked carefully that it turned out that a large number of fresh litchi was recently launched. Xiaomei bought 3 pounds of fresh litchi under the community the night before, and she ate it all night.Until the next day, she did not eat other foods, which caused her to suffer from "litchi disease".

Source: Visual China


An example of entering the hospital because of eating lychee

It’s rare



Eat a lot of lychee in one breath, and the woman is urgent to seek medical treatment

In 2021, Ms. Huang in Huizhou, Guangdong bought 1 catties of lychee to eat.However, not long after eating litchi, she had symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and weakness.

Later, Ms. Huang hurried to the hospital.Ms. Huang was diagnosed with diabetic ketone signs, and the culprit was the 1 catties of litchi.

0210 -year -old boy ate 2 catties of lychee and was hospitalized for rescue that night

In 2021, a 10 -year -old boy was sent to the hospital for rescue because he ate a lot of lychee on an empty stomach, and he had symptoms such as convulsions and coma.

During the questioning history, the boy’s mother described that the boy ate about 2 pounds of lychee that night. The doctor immediately reacted. He got "lychee disease" – "hypoglycemia acute encephalitis syndrome".

The season when Litchi is listed in a large number of litchi every year

"Litchi disease" will almost appear

It will cause death


What is the "lychee disease"?

About "lychee disease" to understand these

The essence of "lychee disease" is a "hypoglycemia".

Litchi contains a large amount of fructose. After the capillaries of the gastrointestinal mucosa are quickly absorbed into the blood, they must be converted to glucose from the conversion enzyme in the liver to be used by the human body.If you eat lychee excessive empty stomach, there will be too much fructose into human blood, and the convert enzyme of "transforming" fructose will be in short supply.In this case, a large amount of fructose is full of glucose that can be used in the blood vessels but cannot be used by the human body.

At the same time, excessive eating lychee affects the appetite, so that the human body does not get necessary nutritional supplements, resulting in insufficient glucose in the human blood.In addition, the α-subtotic glycinine contained in litchi seeds has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

These comprehensive factors lead to the occurrence of "litchi disease".

Source: Visual China

How dangerous will the "litchi disease" be treated in time?

Hypoglycemia can cause sympathetic nerve excitement, making people feel hungry, dizziness, pale complexion, palpitations, fatigue and other symptoms.

If delay treatment, severe hypoglycemia coma exceeds 5 hours, it may cause systemic function and material metabolism disorders, and the dysfunction of the brain, leading to consciousness and convulsions.

Eating litchi should be appropriate

The prerequisite for "litchi disease": first is to eat on an empty stomach; the other is to eat a large amount of food; the third is some people with basic diseases or weak physical function (old man, children).

Therefore, it should be noted that when eating lychee, do not eat a lot at a time. Normal people can eat about 10 pieces. The body is particularly weak and you can taste 2; avoid eating on an empty stomach.Essence

Focus: When children first taste litchi, women’s pregnancy, pregnancy, excessive drinking, oral hypoglycemic drugs must be eaten less.

At the same time, remind everyone that food sugar content is high, it is best not to eat a large amount of food on an empty stomach, such as the standard fruit watermelon in summer.

These people should not eat more lychee


The child’s liver sugar itself is not enough to reserve, and hypoglycemia is prone to hypoglycemia after eating a large amount of lychee.

In addition, eating lychee for children should pay more attention to that eating a whole lychee may have the risk of suffocation.

It is recommended that before the age of 4, do not give your children a whole lychee, grapes, nuts, and virgin fruits such as suffocation risks!

Patients with hypoglycemia and diabetes

Patients with hypoglycemia itself are low in blood sugar, and they eat a large amount of lychee, which is more prone to hypoglycemia.

Diabetes patients should not eat more sugar -containing foods.

Driving person

Litchi will perform anaerobic breathing during the transportation and storage process to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol.After eating litchi without rinse, there may be acetic acid, alcohol, and methane in the mouth. If the tester of the traffic police is too "sensitive", it is very likely that misunderstandings will occur.

Therefore, the easiest way is: after eating litchi, remember to rinse your mouth ~

Pregnant woman

Litchi contains a variety of nutrients, high sugar content, and has certain blood circulation effects, so it is not suitable for consumption in the early pregnancy; if a large amount of lychee is consumed in the third trimester, the blood sugar concentration continues to increase, which can cause huge fetal fetuses.Risks such as postpartum bleeding.

If you really talk, you can eat it in moderation in the second trimester (just one or two relief).Note that pregnant women with gestational diabetes are prohibited from eating.

Although litchi is delicious

But also pay attention to restraint ~


Remind more friends to pay attention

Source: Guangdong Health Information, Life Times, Shenzhen Health and Health Commission, Science Popularization China, Shenzhen

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