Already born?The sun and Chen Xiaochun love everyday, and guessed because of the word "breast milk"

After sharing the good news of Ying Caier’s pregnancy with fans at the concert, many netizens also sent their blessings.

At the concert scene, Chen Xiaochun’s unpleasant mood, saying: "You also have to congratulate me, I have a second child, but today is just three months.The gender is still unknown, but Chen Xiaochun is still very excited.

The arrival of a new life is actually a great event for any family, and the Chen Xiaochun family has become popular in the Mainland because of the variety show "Where is Dad" and the popularity has gradually risen. Perhaps because of thisPut on the children.Because Chen Xiaochun’s son Jasper’s cute and mature, everyone is also looking forward to the advent of new lives. Not only does Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier further show their educational methods, but also look forward to the performance of Jasper after becoming a brother.

Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier have been married for many years. The relationship between the husband and wife has always been very good. From the front to the scenes, the intimacy between the two is visible to the naked eye.

In fact, Chen Xiaochun frequently revealed in the variety show that she wanted to be a dad’s wish again. Ying Caier’s pregnancy again also made Chen Xiaochun finally dream.

Not long ago, Ying Caier’s final film with his son filmed the magazine with his son had also flowed out. Although Ying Caier in the picture was obvious, he was still slender.

The Jasper on the side of the screen also hugged with Ying Caier, very close, and the happiness of the mother and child in the same frame overflowed the picture.

However, shortly after Ying Caier’s obvious magazine photos were exposed, her dynamics attracted the attention of netizens. On the 17th, Ying Caier shared a bowl of soup with netizens on the social platform. From the color of the soup base, this bowl of this bowl, this bowlThe soup is obviously boiled for a long time. Although it seems simple, it is very nutritious.

And Ying Caier also revealed that this is the "love soup" that her husband Chen Xiaochun cooks for her. The sweetness inside the two also makes netizens very envious.

However, in addition to seeing Chen Xiaochun’s thoughtfulness, netizens, "I don’t know if it will make breast milk more", but attracted the attention of netizens.

Many netizens speculated: "Ying Caier has begun to consider breast milk. Is it already born?" Out of guess, many netizens left a message to send their own blessings, and some "mothers" who have already become mothers ahead of time.I gave my suggestion, and it seemed to hope that Ying Caier made preparations early.

But after all, netizens’ speculation is just a word, but Ying Caier has experienced the experience of being a mother. Regardless of whether there is a child, the amount of breast milk is actually just a preparation that a expectant mother must do.

Although netizens have sent their own blessings, we have not yet learned whether Ying Caier has children.

Regarding this matter, I still hope that netizens can patiently wait for the "official announcement" of the parties. It is better to wait for good guessing.

Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier, who have been parents, are about to usher in their second child, and many people are looking forward to the performance of Jasper as a brother.

Do you like Chen Xiaochun Ying Cai’s family?

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