Although Ejiao has a big tonic, it also has "toxicity". These people have hurt their bodies after eating

With the improvement of our living standards, everyone is more and more concerned about our body.Pervable Chinese medicines such as Ejiao, Ginseng, and Deer Anti -antler are also loved by everyone.But eat home, do you know enough about them?Let’s take a good understanding of Ejiao.

The main component of Ejiao is the donkey skin.First of all, the donkey’s skin is needed to cut the hair, cut it into pieces, and then the solid glue made by frying and concentrated, becoming the Ejiao we see.It is recorded by some ancient books that Ejiao raw materials use cowhide, donkey skin and other animal skins. Later, it was found that the donkey skin was better to boil the glue, so it was slowly using the donkey skin.

Ejiao can nourish blood and nourish yin, moisturize, stop bleeding.It can be used for blood deficiency and yellowing, dizziness, palpitations, annoying and sleeping, and dry cough. The effect of nourishing blood is well known.

Blood deficiency refers to because of blood deficiency.Due to insufficient diet nutrition, excessive fatigue, inconsistent emotion, too much blood loss, long -term illness or weakness of their own physical fitness.Those with blood deficiency often show the symptoms of yellowing, dizziness, palpitations, prone to insomnia, numbness of hands and feet, less menstrual flow, light color and other symptoms.For friends with blood deficiency, you can take Ejiao to replenish blood.

Modern studies have proved that Ejiao can accelerate the formation of red blood cells, hemoglobin, and hemostasis.It can also improve the balance of calcium in the body and promote the absorption of calcium.In addition, Ejiao can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation in the body, and alleviate hypertension and over -blood pressure.

There are many methods for Ejiao’s service. According to the instructions, the usual usage is 3 to 9 grams.That is, after heating the Ejiao parts, put it in boiling water or medicinal juice to take it.However, there is already a powder machine. Everyone puts Ejiao in, and then pay attention to time to see Ejiao pink.You can use boiling water, milk, honey, etc.

The adverse reactions to Ejiao have not been clear.However, as a Chinese medicine, it will have a certain toxicity, so everyone should use it correctly to avoid harming health.

1. Eat less Ejiao for people with body heat, otherwise it is easy to cause fire.Patients will have many fever in the nasal cavity, lips and other parts.

2. This product belongs to nourishing traditional Chinese medicine, which can provide absorption rate before meals.But if the stomach is not good, friends recommend taking it after meals.

3. Special friends of pregnant women, hypertension, and diabetes should be taken under the guidance of the physician.

4. The symptoms of the second week of medication have not improved or have aggravated. Please stop the medicine immediately and go to the hospital for treatment.

This is the introduction of this issue about Ejiao.As a Chinese medicine, everyone should pay attention to the use of Ejiao, so that this is beneficial to the body.

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