Always feel hungry after pregnancy?You need attention

During the early pregnancy, you are not just a early pregnancy reaction that may have nausea and vomiting, but also a combination of torture: on the one hand, there is a disgusting response, and on the other hand, you will always feel hungry.Of course, there are no early pregnancy reactions, but suddenly they always feel hungry.

During the early pregnancy, there was no pregnancy vomiting, and the appetite opened. Not only did the amount of meals increase, but I also always feel hungry. I often start my stomach when I have finished breakfast.Essence

"Let me eat something, so that I can stand up and find something to eat …"

"Full of food, hold up the wall and stand up, prepare to go to the restaurant outside to eat …"

"When I am awake, there is only one word in my head: eat!"

"Although it is not good to eat more for yourself, it is not good for your baby, but it is difficult to control it. Even if you work hard, you will still be hungry in the middle of the night.","

Why are pregnant women hungry?

Yes, this cannot be blamed for you, but you can only blame hormones.

The fat cells in our bodies secrete "leptin" leptin, and "leptin" will suppress your hunger.The gastrointestinal tract will secrete "hungry hormone" ghrelin, and "hunger hormone" will increase your hunger.

During pregnancy, your body’s response to "leptin" will change, and it will not be difficult to be sensitive, so you will not have a sense of satiety as easy as you are during non -pregnancy.

Your "hunger hormone" will rise during early pregnancy and will decline in the third trimester, so you will always feel hungry during early and during pregnancy, and this feeling will be better in the third trimester.

How to deal with hunger?

Eat nutritious "hard dishes"

It’s really hungry. You can’t get through. You have to eat some "hard dishes" appropriately, including protein, fat and carbonate compounds.However, pay attention to choosing healthy foods, such as lean meat, seafood, whole wheat grain, beans, eggs and dairy products, focusing on high -quality protein, carbohydrates with high cellulose, healthy fat.

Eat less

It is not to eat 3 meals a day. If you eat dinner at 5-6 o’clock, you will go to bed until 11-12 o’clock.The response is to eat 4-6 meals a day, but you have to eat less at a time. Don’t be too Heavy. This can ensure that your blood sugar level will not rise and fall, so as not to cause a retaliatory diet that appears due to hunger.

Prepare a healthy "snack"

Such as fruits, nuts, yogurt, etc.Fruits include less sweet apples, containing protein, good fat, various vitamins, cellulose, and potassium sodium, magnesium and calcium butter, and various nuts containing Omega-3S and protein.

Refusal temptation

Persist in eating healthy "cold" foods, such as healthy color.But if you do this throughout pregnancy, it is difficult.In a week, you should adhere to a healthy diet most of the time, but if you have a meal, you can completely indulge yourself, eat whatever you want, and give up "sexy", just for "sexy".How much you eat, just to release, just to temporarily satisfy your desires, just a solution, preparing for the next week’s healthy diet.

In order not to give yourself the opportunity to be indescribable, you can only put healthy snacks in the cupboard and refrigerator, and reject high -sugar, high -fat and high -salt "calorie bombs" such as dessert biscuits fried potato chips.

Drink more water

Sometimes your body confuses the feeling of thirst and hunger, so you should drink more water, remember that it is water, not a variety of beverages with high sugar, nor is it juice.

sleep tight

Can’t sleep, always getting up, will increase your hunger, because the short sleep time will reduce the secretion of "leptin" that makes you not feel hungry, and it will increase the secretion of hungry hormone Ghrelin.The level of two hormones is one high and low, which will increase your hunger.

Relieve stress

After pregnancy, all kinds of physical discomfort, low emotional, family trivial matters, expectations and anxiety about the arrival of the baby will increase your pressure, which will lead to the rise in the level of the body’s cortical hormone. This will increase your appetite and make you feel hungry.Stimulate you to take carbohydrates and fat.

Therefore, it is also important to relieve stress.

Pay attention to the growth of weight

During the early pregnancy, you basically do not need to increase the intake of calories, just like normal people. At this stage, the weight gain is about 1-2 kilograms.

By the beginning of the middle of pregnancy, as the baby grows up, you need to take about 15%more calories than usual. Usually, it is about 300 calories per day. It really needs to be so much, not "one person eats two people"Essence

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the weekly weight increase is not recommended to exceed 0.5 kg, and the increase in weight during pregnancy is generally not recommended to exceed 12-13 kg.

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