Analyze pregnancy with ovarian cysts

The so -called pregnancy and ovarian cysts should be called ovarian cysts with pregnancy. Usually there are ovarian cents before pregnancy. It is not found before it has been discovered after pregnancy.In fact, there are cysts in the ovary, which can be divided into many types in nature. There are one side and bilateral, single and mixed type, cystic and substantial, benign and malignant, of which cystic is more common.It is more common in clinical practice: teratoma, lutein cysts, simple ovarian cysts, chocolate cysts, and slurry or mucus cyinoma.Because ovarian cysts are outside the uterus, it has no effect on fetal development.

The anatomical characteristics of the ovarian are very long. In fact, it is formed by the ligament, and the range of activity in the pelvic cavity is large.Some teratoma contains uneven weight because the teeth, hair and fat, are not equal to the weight; luteal cysts are related to pregnancy and can gradually disappear with the increase of pregnancy.It is very thin, and it is easy to rupture with a little external force; ovarian cysts can grow very large, and some are even as large as fetal heads.

There is a lot of harm to pregnancy with ovarian cysts:

1. In the early pregnancy, the tumor volume is large or embedded in the pelvic cavity.

2. During the middle of pregnancy, the enlarged uterus refers to the ovarian mass from the pelvic cavity to the abdominal cavity with larger space.It is also easy to cause ovarian cysts to reverse.In particular, the chance of turning the tumor tumor is greater.

3. When giving birth, ovarian mass can block the birth canal and cause obstruction or contractions, and the first exposure of the fetal head will compress the tumor, which can easily cause rupture and bleeding.

So, how should we prevent pregnancy and ovarian cysts?

1. Pre -pregnancy examination is a must -do project. Check whether the pelvic organs are abnormal. Ovarian cysts can be found during the examination. If the diameter of the ovarian cysts is greater than 5 cm, it should be surgery before pregnancy.Don’t worry, today’s surgery is relatively simple. Micro -invasive surgery with laparoscopy is not only simple, but also small damage.

2. Generally speaking, ovarian mass does not feel much when it occurs. If there is abdominal pain and even accompanied by nausea and vomiting, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately. It may be that the ovarian cysts are reversed.EssenceOvarian necrosis will occur if time delays.There is still another situation when there is abdominal pain in ovarian cysts, that is, rupture and bleeding. In this case, you should also go to the hospital immediately to take treatment in time.

3. If ovarian tumors are found, tumor markers such as CA-125, CA-199, CEA and AFP should be checked. The purpose is to distinguish whether the mass is benign or malignant in order to treat it as soon as possible.If the campaign is small and benign, then it is no problem to get pregnant first.

4. Once you find that there are campaigns of the ovaries after pregnancy, you don’t need to be too afraid, just observe it closely.

If ovarian cysts are found during pregnancy, what should we do?

1. Usually ovarian cysts are found in internal diagnosis in early pregnancy, and about 12%of the early pregnancy belong to luteal cysts, and some can reach 8-10 cm.On one side.Often disappear by itself within 3 months, and after three months, the review disappears.

2. Once a ovarian cyst is found, B -ultrasound should be done in time to clarify the nature of the mass, so as to further make a clear diagnosis.

3. If the ovarian cyst is not large and has no effect on the growth of the uterus, you can wait for the removal after childbirth.If a twist or rupture occurs, surgery should be performed immediately.If it becomes a malignant tumor, it should be surgery immediately.

4. If it is a pathological tumor, such as teratoma, chocolate cyst, slurry cyst adenoma, etc., it is found that in early pregnancy, it is found that after three months, a review.If it was three months later, it was about 5 cm, and surgical resection can be performed at the 18th to 20th weeks of pregnancy. The cause is that at this time, the placenta is formed.Strike.However, you must pay attention to rest after surgery, and receive tire protection.

5. During the third pregnancy, ovarian tumors are located in the lower section of the uterus and have affected the fetal head into the pot, so it should be decided decisively.While doing caesarean section, you should carefully explore the ovarian tissue on both sides and remove ovarian mass.

Finally, I will tell you the precautions of ovarian cysts and diet:

1. Eat more lean meat, chicken, eggs, fish, cabbage, spinach, celery, cucumber, melon, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, fruits, etc.

2. Diet should be light. Try not to eat foods such as mutton, shrimp, crab, black fish, eel, salted fish.

3. Avoid spicy, such as pepper, hemp pepper, raw garlic, raw onion, white wine and other irritating foods and beverages.

4. Stay away from thermal, coagulation, and hormone -containing foods such as red dates, longan, gelatin, royal jelly.

I believe that as long as we treat the pregnancy with ovarian cysts carefully and cautiously, we will definitely survive the pregnancy.

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