Anhui women were pregnant for five months. Because the 80,000 -80,000s were not discussed, the man had to break up two days before the wedding?

There are four great events in the ancients of the ancients, namely: long droughts everywhere.This is the content in "Prodigy Poems · Four Hi" from the Northern Song Dynasty.

The story to be told in this article is almost related to the candles in the cave house in the four happy.Unfortunately, two days before the wedding, the man "stepped on the brakes" by the man, and the candle of the cave room was gone, leaving only a sad girl!

Recently, a woman who was pregnant for 5 months in Anhui asked for help from the Chongqing media and told a real "story!" Let’s take a look at the detailed passage.

This woman is from Anhui. In front of Chongqing media, she brings a mask and blocks most of the "appearance" with a large sunglasses. She is already a very obvious belly. In the face of the cameraHer sad story.The woman claims that "I can’t go back now (Anhui Mother’s Family), because we (mother’s house) is engaged in engagement wine. All relatives know our affairs (wedding news)."

The woman couldn’t talk back, it means that there were two days in the wedding, but the Chongqing boyfriend was retired.Women also say that the source of contradictions with the man originated from the gift.The woman’s family demanded 80,000, and the man’s family was only willing to produce 50,000.

After the incident, after the incident, the recording of the man’s telephone interview was plugged in.

The man said: We have prepared so much in our family, spending more than 100,000, sugar, smoke, wine, all bought.When preparing for the wedding, the two sides did not agree with the details of the details, and finally made this step.

The man further said: Their family proposed to do it according to the customs of Anhui, including how much gifts, hardware, four major pieces, and so on.In addition, the woman’s family also asked to go to Anhui to hold another game after the wedding in Chongqing.The woman’s mother proposed that these requirements could not be done, so they would not pick up.

Here, it is probably froze.These conditions mentioned by the female family cannot do it.Then, the two sides began to have "cracks".

Later, the woman took the initiative to apologize. She sent a long and long message to the man. It can be seen that the woman still wanted to save the marriage.However, the man still chose to break up.The woman’s "softness" did not restore the marriage, and she filed a million claims to him in one anger.

Men said that because their own economic conditions are limited, they can only give the woman for compensation appropriately.And put forward, "You can’t exploit your right to be your mother. If you insist on giving birth to him, after the child is born, I will not escape, and the obligation to raise should be."At the end of the "story", men and women have not reached an agreement on this matter.

After watching this video, the author can’t be calm for a long time!

The breakup is simple, but what should I do if the "bone" in the woman’s belly?

If you choose to be born, but there is no complete family!A complete family has an irreplaceable role in the future growth of children.Although you are still his father or mother, can the fragmented family have a warmth brought by the complete family?Children slowly grow up to understand, how should both of you give him a "explanation?"

If you choose not to give birth, the woman is pregnant in May and has missed the abortion period. You need to go to the hospital for induction of labor.It hurts a lot of physical damage and even exists, and there will be risks that can no longer be pregnant in the future.Now that the two sides chose to be together, there were "flesh and flesh". At this time, you have to give up and separate. How can you let the woman "survive?"

Aside from the innocent children, here, remind those girls who have not yet married to take care of themselves, and get pregnant before they are unmarried. The risk is too great!You see, the example of reality has been placed in front of you!

In addition, let’s look back at this gift.

The cost of marriage in Chinese -style, according to the current era, is almost coming, making people "can’t afford marriage".According to the requirements of the average person, the basic configuration of houses and cars can be available.Then there are configurations such as weddings and wedding dresses.On this basis, how much is it to add a lot of gifts?

Not everyone is a millionaire, not everyone is the second generation.Generally speaking, most young people will be urged by their homes and get married before the age of 30.At this time, how many years are the two of the young people?How many years did you participate in work?How many deposits can there be to pay this wedding bill?

In the end, it is not necessary to "get old!" Parents need to pay this money.Parents support us to study. After we graduate from graduation, we have not gathered for a few years, and we have to pay for it.Don’t forget, parents above their parents need support!This is where money is needed.Why!Chinese parents are really difficult!

According to me, Cai Li is really not a so -called guarantee!Both parties who can talk about Cai Li are happy; if you ca n’t talk about it, Cai Li is a “bomb”. How many newlywed Yanr who is ready to get married fell to the Cauli!

What do you think of readers and friends?

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