Another actor died of lung cancer, only 34 years old!Four cases are alert to the precursor of lung cancer

Recently, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the youth cross talk actor Li Chao was invalid due to the advanced treatment of lung cancer on June 18 at the age of 34.

Beijing Leyi Cultural Media Co., Ltd. released a promise

Li Chao loved literature and art from an early age, and was admitted to the study crosstalk of Northern Music School in China. He participated in the Fifth CCTV Crosstalk Contest organized by CCTV with his own "Music Gate" with his own work "Music Gate".In 2010, he was admitted to the Media University of China to study broadcasting.

In addition, Li Chao has also served as director of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Language Program, Deputy Director of the Comedy Professional Committee of the Chinese Drama Literature Society, editor -in -chief of CCTV "My Love Manchuria" column, and director of CCTV’s "Spring Festival Crosstalk Conference" and "Golden Autumn Crosstalk Conference".

The picture is from Beiqing Entertainment

Early symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious

Qiao Guibin, chief physician of the Department of Chestning of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, introduced in the Health of the People’s Daily in 2022 that the symptoms of lung cancer were mainly caused by the compression and violations of tumors.Early lung cancer basically did not have obvious symptoms. Because the lung volume was large, the symptoms of compression were not obvious.

When the tumor grows to a certain extent, it will only show obvious symptoms when it has entered the middle and late stages. At this time, the tumor compresses the lungs, trachea and other organs.Wait for clinical reactions.

This is why lung cancer discovery is the reason for the middle and late stages. According to my experience, 70%-80%of patients appear uncomfortable to come to the hospital for examination and discovery.

If these 4 cases occur, be careful of cardiopulmonary cancer

Dr. Joe Qiao Bin reminded that these four cases of physical occurrence should be careful of cardiopulmonary cancer.

1. The lung CT discovered "Whard Shadow"

If there are previously there are lungs, and after a regular physical examination, it is found that it has increased.We must start to pay attention to, and take a timely treatment to receive professional treatment. At this time, the disease generally does not extend.

If it may occur in time, and the clear glass -like shadow of the lung boundary is accompanied by pleural pulling, it should be alert to the possibility of the existence of early pulmonary adenocarcinoma.

2. No reason for long cough, cough, hemoptysis

When tumors invade the blood vessels of the lung and trachea, it can cause sputum, hemoptysis, and blood in sputum.

The cough caused by lung cancer is chronic cough, sputum without sputum, and frequent cough. It is difficult to cure the cause in the short term. It is likely to be caused by lung cancer.

3. Continuous and inexplicable chest and back pain

When the tumor grows bigger and compresses the blood vessels, nerves, and pleural violations, pain will occur. It is worth noting that the pain is uncertain but it will show sustainability.

4. Facial and upper limbs have no edema for no reason

After the tumor compresses the upper cavity vein, the upper cavity varicose vein syndrome is called.The upper cavity vein syndrome is mainly manifested in facial facial, head and neck edema, and edema of both upper limbs.

These three types of people must regularly perform a lung medical examination

Dr. Qiao Viao Bin reminded that lung cancer is difficult to be discovered in the early days. Doing low -dose CT examination is the key to discover lung cancer. The following people are the key targets that need to be preventive. ThereforeEssence

1. Middle -aged and elderly people over 40 years old;

2. Over 40, especially middle -aged and elderly people between 50 to 70 years old, and those who have smoking;

3. High -risk groups: Workers and mining workers, long -term contact with radioactive substances, and family tumor disease history.

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Source: Health Times

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