Anxiety affects the healthy development of the fetus, teach you 5 tricks to relieve the depression during pregnancy

After pregnancy, there will be a variety of reasons that make expectant mothers feel uncomfortable, whether it is physiological or psychologically.There is a sense of anxiety, depression, and even fear during pregnancy. This is a very common phenomenon. If the pregnant mother does not adjust the psychological emotions well, it will easily affect the normal development of the fetus in the abdomen, leading the baby’s slow development.Therefore, since pregnant mothers can’t escape, they are glad to face!Try the following 5 tricks to relieve anxiety during pregnancy. It is easy to use!

Express yourself in your diary

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will have many changes, including the habits of schedule, identity role, increased responsibility, etc. For each of the expectant mothers, this is a problem.At this time, the pregnant mother can choose to sit down quietly to write a diary, record his own journey, and look forward to the future.

Writing a diary will not spend a lot of time, and the mothers have enough time during pregnancy. I spend a few minutes to record every day. When the baby is born, I will look back. I believe it must be a beautiful memory.


When you are pregnant, most expectant mothers will become very careful. They can lie down and do not stand, can I sit and do not stand. Is it true?In fact, some low -intensity exercise can be done during pregnancy, such as walking, low -intensity strength training, and so on.Doing this can not only reduce the discomfort of the body, but also alleviate the common problems such as constipation and puffiness during pregnancy.So expectant mothers should cheer!

make more friends

There is a saying that the support of the people around him will help expectant mothers to regulate the mood and promote the healthy development of the baby.And emphasize that the more support you get, the healthier your baby will be.Because everyone’s support can effectively alleviate the pressure and discomfort of pregnant mothers.So you might as well make more friends. Whether in the community or in the park, or even when you go to the production inspection, find some friends with a common topic, then you will be more happy.

Slow down, you have this right

After pregnancy, it is really necessary to slow down the rhythm of your life. When you are tired, you will roll over the magazine on the sofa; if you want to pass through, go to the park, look at the flowers bloom, look at the leaves, and soothe your mood.

The expectant mothers have the responsibility and obligation to take care of themselves well. The most important thing is to get more opportunities for themselves. Whether they are at work or a full -time housewife at home, they must give them more rest.Because after all, it was in a special period.

Over time

In the middle of pregnancy, it is the safest period of time. Pregnant mothers can arrange a trip appropriately. Before the baby is born, enjoy the two -person world with her husband.Go to see the beautiful scenery, so that your state will be much better, and it may also bring a lot of unexpected happiness and satisfaction!

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