Are expectant mothers, are you still using lutenone to protect your fetus?

The girlfriend around was pregnant, but it was checked that the progesterone was low. The doctor said that she needed to eat luteum capsules, which said that there was a possibility of aura abortion, scaring her and her family to death.When she came to tell me about this, I could particularly understand her because I was like this at the time.The indicator of progesterone was 19.6ng/ml when it was just found. After that, the doctor also judged that there is a pheumonal abortion, and the luteum capsule was opened.But then progesterone has been around 20NG/ml, and HCG doubles is normal.However, the doctor still asked me to check the blood every week and continue to return with 2 boxes of progesterone.After asking the friends around me, many of them are the case.

This is the first time I have found the indicator:

This is an indicator of 2 days later, and HCG doubles is OK.But progesterone is also reduced!

At that time, the mentality of expectant mothers was very nervous. After all, there may be a threatened abortion.However, it was reported that it was too much influenced at all.

In fact, many causes of abortion are not suitable for progesterone

In fact, some expectant mothers are likely to be because the quality of the fetus itself is not good, and the innate deficiency can not persist until the monthly production. Natural abortion is only the result of the survival of the fittest.In addition, there are many factors that cause miscarriage, such as the essence, egg quality, immune factors, infection factors, etc. of both parents, which can easily cause abortion and dead tires.If no matter whether it is three -seven or twenty -one, it will always be used to protect the fetus, first of all, it is not necessarily effective. Even if it is kept, it may be a child who is originally "missed", and it will cause great harm to the pregnant woman itself.

Magnomone must be used under strict indications

"In many cases, whether it is morbid or normal. When you go to the hospital, you need to conduct progesterone, estrogen, and chorionic gonad hormones.Using progesterone. Sometimes, without even abdominal pain, the doctor brought lutenone prematurely. "Experts said," progesterone is not necessarily unavailable, but it must be divided and used according to the disease. "

Expectant mothers must find out the reason and do it again!

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