Are pregnancy marks on pregnancy?At 3 o’clock, stretch marks will not grow you on you

Many women who have giving birth to have found unsightly scars on their belly. Many of them feel strange. In fact, this is to say that we often say stretch marks.Stretch marks are mainly a phenomenon that pregnant women will appear during pregnancy. Once stretch marks appear, they will not disappear. This also makes many women who are new to pregnancy be asked if the stretch marks can be prevented?In fact, as long as measures are taken during pregnancy, the emergence of stretch marks can be prevented.

Due to the influence of the pregnant woman during pregnancy, and the continuous expansion of the abdomen during pregnancy, the elasticity of the skin and the decisive pink pattern of the skin’s elasticity and collagen dimension are most common.of.When women are pregnant for more than 3 months, because the increased uterus will protrude from the pelvic cavity, slowly develop like the abdominal cavity, and the abdomen begins to swell. At this time, the elasticity of the skin and the muscles of the abdomen begin to extend.

After 6 months of pregnancy, the stomach will be larger. At this time, the skin elasticity of the skin slowly begins to break slowly, and the skin on the abdomen surface will slowly appear pink cracks.Although the elasticity of the skin’s breakdown after production, although it will restore the mother’s body, it will not be restored to the state before giving birth.This is why pregnant women will have stretch marks.

1. Control weight

Because pregnant women’s weight will increase a lot during pregnancy, the stomach is easier, which makes it easy for the skin to break the skin.Therefore, we need to control weight during pregnancy, and the most effective way for pregnant women to control weight is the balanced diet, because pregnant women have a better appetite during pregnancy, and they want to eat high -calorie foods when they have nutrition for babies. HoweverThe easiest to gain weight is to maintain a balanced nutrition.

2. Use products to prevent stretch marks

After 3 months of pregnancy, you can start using stretch marks products. Choosing some products with better reputation and effective products can make prevention best.Using products and massaging can increase the elasticity and ductility of the skin.It can prevent the subcutaneous tadpoles from breaking due to excessive stretching and forming stretch marks.

3. Bathing correctly

When you usually take a bath, you can stick to cold water and hot water alternately to increase the skin’s tolerance, and it can promote blood circulation.And after bathing, use stretch marks products to massage.

I believe that many women don’t want to grow so many ugly stretch marks because they are pregnant, and once the stretch marks appear, they will accompany women’s life.The emergence of stretch marks also represents the skin of the skin. This will be difficult to repair in the later stages.If stretch marks and loose belly relaxation, many women can’t bear to look directly.Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, measures must be taken to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Do not wait until stretch marks occur before you want to remedy, it is too late.

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