Are you a hormone face?More than 10 years of hormone face self -healing process

Today I want to share with you the hormone face. In fact, the hormone face is not as terrible as imagined, but it is actually very uncomfortable to suffer from hormonal faces.I am a hormone face, and now I have cured, so I want to share my experience and energy with everyone. I hope everyone can learn from it and get rid of the hormone face.

How did I suffer from hormone face?At that time, he was in junior high school, and it was adolescence. Occasionally, some small acne on his face. Everyone knows that girls are more beautiful and pay special attention.At that time, there were some ointments at home, such as fluoroly, and my dad asked me to apply it. When I was painted at the beginning, it would be fine after applying it a few times.Later, when I went to high school, there were more and more acne on my face, and they were all hard acne. Parents at home were more anxious. I felt that girls were not good -looking and affected.After the acne, my parents took me to a private clinic at home. A dermatitis and medicine powder that an old doctor took me. He asked me to mix the powder in the ointment and apply it together in the acne.It is really useful afterwards. The acne is not so hard, and the squeezed white things have become smaller. Then I apply it before going to bed every night. Later, my face suddenly swelled when I got up in the morning, and my face began to flow yellow pus.I was so frightened that I couldn’t go to the classroom and asked the classmates in the bedroom to ask me for leave. I took the car home directly. My father took me to the hospital in the town. The doctor just started to see my face swollen.Dad said no. Later, the doctor looked at it and said that it was allergic. He took me a vitamin A siphon cream, and it took a few days to eliminate the inflammatory water. Later, his face was swollen.good.In fact, I already knew at the time that I had to apply ointment all the time, and when I stopped, my face would always itch, and then the small red crickets were raised, and then pus.But the doctor and I told me that I had to apply it all the time, and the face would be like this without applying it. At that time, the doctor did not speak much, because it was a small country town, and the doctor’s medical skills were also limited.I didn’t say much at the time.Later, I went to buy several creams and took it to the school.(In fact, it is just changed from one hormone ointment to another hormone ointment)

In high school, summer vacation. For two months, I want to take the medicine to quit the ointment without applying an ointment while this time.At that time, I didn’t know that my situation was a hormone face, but I realized that I felt that the ointment could not be applied all the time. If there is no such ointment in the future, what to do.I insisted that I did n’t apply it for a few days. I started to have a small red pimple on my face. It was particularly itchy. It was really itchy and unbearable. When my mother saw this situation, I told my neighbors that I had a lot of acne, which was particularly ugly.(At that time, I didn’t dare to tell my family about this situation. My parents thought that my face was allergic before.) I was inferior in my heart. From time to time, someone came from from time to time.Continue to apply ointment again.After adding the main forehead on the face, I had a long acne. I heard that my classmates said that the ointment in the hospital in the county seat was more useful. I went to the hospital in the county seat with my dad. The dad I was looking for was an old classmate.Acne is normal, and it is also a bunch of drinking ointment. In fact, it is a hormone ointment, and it has no great effect.

Later, I was admitted to college. My hormone ointment used Qu Mi Xin. At that time, I was afraid that I couldn’t buy it at school. Then I bought several branches in the pharmacy and took it to the school.In college for several years, I have been coating hormone ointment.Later, I went home several times in the summer vacation in college. My brother said, let me not apply it, and told me to bear it. He said that he was also easy to apply at home. Later, he went out to work.That kind of ointment is not good, you can’t always apply it.Later, my brother said that he would not apply it, he could bear it when it itchy, and then molled, itchy, and repeatedly. Now the skin is more sensitive, but the ointment is quit.Think, I am more poisoned than you, how can I quit so much, because my brother painted for a short time, he went out to work, and he didn’t apply it without ointment. Later, he quit.But it’s too long, it’s really difficult to quit.

Later, with a boyfriend, I thought of my hormone face, what to do if I got married and pregnant in the future. I was very scared. I ca n’t use the hormone ointment when I was pregnant. What should I do?After reading a lot on the Internet, I really learned that this situation is called hormone face. The treatment method is to say that we must insist on naked faces and hydrate and anti -inflammatory. Let me first talk about it.Where is itchy before going to bed for one or two nights, apply ointment, usually like this. Do not apply ointment during the day and only use skin care products, but coating the sesame ointment for a long time, the stratum corneum of the cheek becomes very thin, the red blood wire is clearly visible to visible, My job is at home. Later, I made up my mind to quit hormone ointment. The main parts on my face, the cheeks on both sides, and the chin, because the forehead and chin skin stratum corneum is relatively thick, and the cheeks are severe.EssenceI usually apply ointment to these parts. In fact, at the beginning, it was just the forehead, but then slowly extended to all parts. I bought aloe vera gel on the Internet at that time.The forehead was really itchy at that time, and the forehead was really itchy, and it had been long, eliminated, long, and disappeared.It is only a long time, and the chin is behind. After the jaw is quit, the cheeks on both sides, the area of the cheeks on both sides is relatively large., Apply it several times a day, and apply it before going to bed at night. The cheeks are red and itchy during the day. After a few days, I found that I had not coated the plain ointment for a few days. At that time, I really couldn’t believe it.I really used it. I thought I had remembered the wrong time. Later, I did n’t apply a hormone ointment for a month. I washed my face in water during the period.What skin care products are particularly allergic. In fact, in fact, one or two, even two or three years, four or five years, it is best not to have any skin care products. It is best to use the amino acids of the facial cleanser.Don’t use it without having.Pay attention to sun protection and hydrate.Like my skin, because of hormone reasons, the stratum corneum is very thin. When it is hot, the face will become red. Now the hormone ointment is quit. It is already very good. The skin needs to be raised slowly. Now it is much better.I have acne. I used to have acne before, and I would not have acne after college. In fact, if it was not hormonal ointment, my skin was still very good, but I occasionally had a few acne.No acne.

I hope you who have the same hormone face, see this article, can take less detours and persist.I feel that I am lucky.Finally got rid of the hormone face.

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