Are you pregnant?If the body has these 6 signals, it means that the pregnancy is successful!Congratulations to pregnant mothers

Menstruation may be the direct basis for many female friends to judge pregnancy, but it is not accurate to determine whether pregnancy is pregnant only based on this symptom.Before 3 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers had almost no feeling. After 3 weeks, some female friends may have a little discomfort, but according to the physical condition of each female friend, the physical symptoms in the early pregnancy are also different.

When I was pregnant, I did n’t know when I was pregnant. On my way to self -driving, I always felt a faint pain in my lower abdomen. It was similar to my aunt before I came. I always felt that my breasts were hard and frequent.Disclosure, after returning, I found that my aunt hadn’t come yet. When I went to the hospital for testing, it was 7 weeks pregnant.

So what kind of way will my body tell, what else will I tell, am I different?

1. The breast has tingling, swelling and itching

Generally, breast tingling and itching are the physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. Similar symptoms occur before menstruation, so many female friends cannot distinguish whether it is pregnant or menstruation.

If you do not have the above two symptoms on your chest, you can also judge by observing the changes in the color of the nipples and areola. For example, the areola color becomes darker and the nipples are not stimulated.

2. Minor backache

Back acidity in the early stages of pregnancy is because the fertilized eggs have gone through the "travelation of the mountains and wading", and finally grow up after bed and the uterus. When the mother’s uterus is stimulated, it will cause minor back pain.

Sometimes the uterus is stimulated and has false contractions, but if there are no other symptoms, such as small abdominal pain and brown secretions, expectant mothers need not worry too much.

3. Early pregnancy reaction

Many expectant mothers who are pregnant will appear nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness in the early pregnancy. Early pregnancy reactions generally appear about 6 weeks after menopause.

The continuous time and the degree of response varies from person to person. Generally, no treatment is required, and it will disappear after a few weeks.

Therefore, expectant mothers don’t need to worry too much. Xiaobian hasn’t spit it very much during pregnancy, at most it is the nausea.Unless there is a serious vomiting, it is impossible to eat normally, then you may be a "pregnancy drama vomiting" and you should go to the hospital for help.

4. frequent urination

After pregnancy, because the uterus gradually grows up and the bladder is oppressed, the symptoms of frequent urination and urination like Xiaobian will appear in the early pregnancy, which will cause the frequency of the toilet to increase significantly.

5. Bed bleeding

The fertilized eggs in the uterus may cause mothers to have mild vaginal bleeding. Many unswatable female friends can easily confuse menstrual bleeding and bed bleeding.

When the fertilized eggs are planted into the endometrium in the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta failed to synthesize sufficient estrogen and progesterone. The ovarian function continues to move. Therefore, the endometrium can still fall off, and pink blood wires or blood points will appear.It can be seen several times a day. The bleeding lasts for about three days. Unlike the menstruation, it does not have discomfort such as dysmenorrhea, and the amount is less.

6. Basic body temperature rise

Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature of women will show low body temperature before menstruation, and then it will show high body temperature, and the body temperature will rise about 0.4 ° C.If the body temperature is still high, it still keeps high temperature when the menstruation is when the menstrual period, for example, your body temperature is 36.5 ° C, and then it lasts about 37 ° C for 15-20 days to exclude the sick and fever. In addition, if the menstruation does not come, then congratulations may have been upgraded to become become it become become become it.Pregnant mother.Go to the hospital for examination!

After pregnancy, you upgrade to be a expectant mother, and you are no longer alone!From the moment you find pregnancy, don’t do things that may hurt your baby, such as smoking, drinking, and taking drugs that have an impact on the baby.Nutrition during pregnancy is also very critical. At this time, pregnant mothers need to learn about related pregnancy nutrition and diet guidelines!Maintaining a warm and peaceful family environment and enjoying the nourishment of the body and spirit is also a necessary factor to improve the happiness index during pregnancy. Both you and your baby will need them.

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