As long as pregnant women want to cry, everything is a reason for everything

If you can’t see that a woman is made by water, it is the pregnant woman who did not observe and contact you carefully.For crying skills, some pregnant women make professional actors feel ashamed.In minutes, you can perform "splashing tears when you feel, hate the bird’s shock", "Yu Rong is lonely and tears, and pear blossoms are spring with rain" "but seeing tears wet, who hates who hate".Pregnancy can make the "female man" "Lin Daiyu".Why do pregnant women cry?You can write a book.

For example

This world is not what I want

Because hot and sour powder

Because the sun

Because small animals

Because of eating: Don’t let me eat = You don’t love me = I am not happy

Because ice cream

Because Sprite

Because barbecue

Because lamb skewers

Because of cucumber

Because my husband: I’m not satisfied = you are intentional

I don’t like the drying rack he bought

Because he is not shaved

Because he eats too loudly

Because he goes to the toilet

Because of the child:

Because of myself:

Because the pants can’t be worn

Because of back pain

In short, you will never think of why a pregnant woman crying.

Women themselves are sensitive.After women’s pregnancy, the original hormone in the body increases significantly, and it will also produce unique new hormones, such as HCG, progesterone, and estrogen, resulting in a huge change in the hormone environment and proportion in the body compared with before pregnancy.These changes will affect the changes in neurotropic transmission in the brain, make the mood of pregnant women abnormal, and cry and anger.And some troubles in family life, family life and work have continued to magnify bad emotions.

I feel that the family is not considerate enough and feels that I have suffered from being left out, which will lead to a psychological gap.This will cause pregnant women to become irritable, irritable, anxiety, and grievances. This expression will be accompanied by the entire pregnancy, and it will gradually get better after the baby is born.Occasionally crying during pregnancy can vent their stress and emotions.

Because of the emotions of his mother, the baby is the same, and he will be infected with loss and sadness.Human emotions are the result of the complicated regulation of the central nervous system and hormones. Hormones can be passed to the fetus through the umbilical cord, so the emotional characteristics are also produced on the fetus.

A large amount of survey data shows that when pregnant women are in negative emotions such as fear, anger, irritability, and sorrow, the functions of the body will change significantly, which will cause changes in blood components.The normal development of the fetal brain has even led to fetal malformation and premature birth.

1. Family’s understanding

During pregnancy is a special period, the inner sensitive and fragile, and the family’s concern is precious at this moment.The relationship and care of family members can provide spiritual support and security for pregnant women.A happy family atmosphere can alleviate the emotions of pregnant women, good for pregnant women to the baby.It is also a good time to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

2. Self -relief

Pregnant women must learn to control their emotions, and to maintain some unhappy things.If you find that your emotions are abnormal, please think about it as much as possible and make self -guidance.You can also find friends to talk and persuade.At this time, pay attention to the maintenance of good mood.

3. Dynamic attention

When pregnant women are unhappy, don’t always think about things that make you feel bored or sad, you can force yourself to transfer your attention to other things, such as watching TV, listening to music, reading, outing, and so on.

4. Contentive Changle

Don’t be too harsh on herself or others every day, adjust their requirements and expectations to a proper and realistic level.

What strange reasons do you cry during pregnancy?

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