As long as you are in the same room, you will get pregnant?The misunderstanding of expectant mothers before pregnancy, but unfortunately many people don’t care

We will see a scene on TV: as long as the two have a relationship or chaos after drinking, the heroine will be pregnant soon, so many people think that there are easy children to have children.After that, you will get pregnant.

Many people also think that as long as they maintain a good lifestyle and eat folic acid before pregnancy, they will become pregnant.

In fact, this is not the case.Maybe you are also experiencing the following misunderstanding?

1. You can get pregnant as long as you don’t take contraceptive measures

Pregnancy is not as easy as we think, and there are some factors that cause more time to conceive, such as smoking, drinking, and certain chronic diseases.With the increase of age, the quality of the eggs gradually decreases, and it may be more difficult to get pregnant.

Among the husbands and wives who have normal sexual life and do not take contraceptive measures, 20%to 25%of women will become pregnant within January, 75%~ 80%of women will become pregnant within 6 months, 80%~ 90%Women will become pregnant within 1 year.

For most husbands and wives, the first month when they start to conceive are not necessarily 100 % successful, and the eggs are excreted only once a month, which means that a healthy couple only has four points in each physiological period.One of the opportunities to conceive successfully.

2. I have no pregnancy for a few months for pregnancy, it must be infertility

Infertility is a unique medical problem. It is defined as a woman who has a regular sexual life in the age of 35 and fails to conceive after 12 months under infertility.After 6 months of sexual life, conception failed to have a regular sex life.

Causes of infertility: Sperm -free, long -term amenorrhea or fallopian tube obstruction, cervical factors, sexual intercourse problems, etc. There are also some unknown factors.

So, do not take pregnancy as a purpose, do not treat the same room as a means.One year, let’s enjoy this process of pregnancy slowly.

3. Frequent sexual life will lead to decline in semen quality

During the monthly cycle, from about 5 days before ovulation to ovulation during ovulation, it is sex with the highest chance of conception from 1 to 2 days before ovulation and ovulation.The total number of vitality, form, and sperm is measured. After 2 to 3 days, the quality of semen is the best after the ejaculation is forbidden. The longer abstinence time interval will lead to a decrease in the pregnancy rate.Start with a regular sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times a week, which can ensure that sexual intercourse occurs during pregnancy and the best quality of semen.

4. Sexual intercourse posture affects the chance of conception?

In fact, sexual intercourse, whether women have orgasm, and women’s position after male ejaculation almost does not affect the chance of conception.

However, some lubricants will suppress sperm vitality in vitro. Although no convincing data indicates that the use of lubricants will damage fertility, the use of lubricants still needs to be cautious.

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