At 3 am, I know the hot post: "My wife is 8 months pregnant, I want to divorce"

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Girl, don’t be with such people!

Knowing the last post at 3 am, it attracted 4.66 million people to watch.

The content of the post is a man asked:

"My wife is 8 months pregnant, can I divorce?"

Oh, no, what he uses is not the intimate name of "wife", but "woman".

In this question, the man described the matter through the matter.

He lived with the woman for eight years, married to Fengzi, and currently lives in a rental house.The woman was 8 months pregnant, and he asked his mother to take care of the woman and pick up the woman to get off work, which triggered a series of family contradictions.

There are two things that make him most worried about.

The first thing was that he called the woman to go to the park together. The woman said that she did not want to go, so he and his mother walked and left the woman alone at home.

After walking back, the mother made chicken soup for the woman, and the woman took two sips and went back to the room to sleep.So he quarreled with the woman.At this time, his mother was going to leave, and he and his mother cried.

Second, in order to prepare to participate in the company’s badminton game, he practiced the ball outside and went home at more than ten o’clock. After returning home, he found that his mother had been sleeping, but the woman was washing clothes with a washing machine.

So he accused the woman that he should not quarrel with his mother to sleep.

The woman returned to the house. At this time, his mother got up and accompanied him to eat, wash dishes, and chat. The two said and laughed again.

The subject was very angry, and physical conflicts with the woman, and the idea of divorce was even stronger.

He cried to netizens:

"I’m really desperate. My parents spent about 170,000, basically all the savings of the old couple.

When I just read this post, I really didn’t believe it.

I think this is probably a fishing post that is a netizen of a drama.

However, reality is very facing!

In the 4560 answers below, many netizens said that there were similar encounters during pregnancy:

"How like this is like a question from my ex -husband!"

"I’m the same wife, I experienced it myself!"

Their roughly experiences are: pregnancy, her husband finds her mother -in -law to take care of, and then she can hide it.

I can only look at my mother -in -law’s face, but I have a hard time pregnancy, poor appetite, poor physical strength, and unstable hormone levels. I cannot cooperate everywhere, and there will be contradictions.

At this time, her husband will jump out as "the first filial son in the world", accusing the pregnant wife of not being sensible, intentionally a demon, not considerate of the elderly, etc.

When they were excited, they still had red ears, crying, as if they had married the wicked woman who had not been pardoned.

Seeing this, I just want to say that such a husband is really good at fighting.

On the one hand, they have no ability to not be able to get out of their lives.

On the other hand, he threw the "old" big pot to his daughter -in -law, asking his daughter -in -law to respect respect and worship his parents, even if he was 8 months pregnant, he could not have a little coquettishness.

And when he himself, you should take a walk, and you should play the ball.

In the end he has to be a filial son, and open his mouth: "My mother is not easy."

Your mother is not easy, nor is it your daughter -in -law.

The subject said, "My mother is not easy."

In fact, the mother’s mother is really not easy.

Come and see what kind of son she has.

32 years old, at least ten years of graduation, without savings, only spending 170,000 to get married, you need to empty your parents’ hard -earned money.

Immediately, he will upgrade to be a father, and still live in the rental house, and you can’t even buy a decent fully automatic washing machine.

The son is not capable of just, and he is still lazy.

His wife was still at work for eight months of pregnancy. Only at night to eat and sleep at home, the son called his mother to take care of. Why?Obviously, the son has never done housework.

Before his wife was pregnant, his wife was washed and cooks.

My wife is pregnant, and the son does not even have the ability to move. For eight years of cohabitation, a little housework will not do it. Da Lao let his mother come to make a cow.

The noble son in the typical slum.

A person is poor and lazy. If the emotional quotient is higher, talk a little more sweetly to coax his wife, maybe you can get it.

But this son is particularly low in emotional intelligence.

My wife is eight months pregnant and may be born at any time.When she didn’t want to move, he ignored the safety and threw her home alone; she couldn’t eat, and he didn’t care, chased into the bedroom to quarrel.

When the subject consulted whether he could divorce, his wife might have made up his mind to divorce.

The poor mother’s mother worked hard to marry her daughter -in -law to the unsatisfactory son, and came over to help waiting for her grandchildren.

As a result, this useless son made a heavenly place, forced the daughter -in -law to induce labor and divorced, and abandoned the previous work.

No wonder his mother will cry with headache.

In the past, I always thought that marrying someone should marry a filial son.

The filial son means that he knows how to be grateful and emphasizes.

But I forgot to consider, how should we judge whether a person is a filial son?

My girlfriend had a marriage. At that time, she thought she was married to a filial son.

Because before marriage, her husband begged hard:

"My parents are old and have nothing to do. I can’t sleep every day for the two days for our marriage. You insist on asking for a house, and you want to have their lives."

The girlfriend didn’t have much to be at the time, as long as 80,000, but when he saw him crying pitifully, he suddenly felt sympathetic. He felt that his husband was filial, and his character was definitely not bad.

So she lowered her demands and married herbal.

After marriage, I found that my husband was leisurely. The favorite thing all day long was to smoke on the sofa. If it was not to go to the toilet, I would not even move my buttocks.

Then she shouted: "How could a real filial son be in his thirties, and let parents live in a shabby house?"

This kind of filial piety is not what it is said, it is not moved by yourself, but it must be done hard.

Selfish men are all masters who pass on contradictions.

A man who shouted filial piety in a mouthful, would rather be single if he would rather empty the bottom of his family;

I would rather let the chickens fly at home, and do not want to do housework;

I would rather let my parents live in the rental house with poor sound insulation, and use the shabby washing machines, and they are unwilling to struggle;

I would rather have a miscarriage of my wife, who is eight months pregnant, and is unwilling to assume the responsibility of being a husband.

Well, girl, wake up, he is not a filial son.

He doesn’t love anyone.He only loves himself.

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