At the age of 30, I discovered that the fetus forcibly "occupied" the mother’s uterus for 61 years

Many novice mothers are pregnant, because they have no experience in fertility, there are many blind spots of knowledge, and often some things that can’t be crying and laughing often happen. For example, many mothers do not know after pregnancy.Knowing that you are pregnant.

This is what I want to tell you today. When I was young, I did n’t know when I was pregnant. I did n’t find that I was pregnant until I was 91 years old.

Recently, I saw a news, which was about a 91 -year -old man who went to the hospital for examination because of physical reasons. However, he did not expect that he had a baby in his body, and this baby has been in the old man for 61 years.Become part of the old man’s body.

It turned out that this old man had no children after marrying her husband. In fact, after the elderly got married, they had successfully became pregnant, but because the child was not developing well, at 3 months, the child was dead.However, the old man has not found this process. At that time, the medical conditions at that time were also very limited, so he had not been pregnant afterwards.

After knowing the news, the old man was very relieved. It turned out that he had had children, and the child had been with his mother for so long. The old man decided not to do surgery. One was because of physical reasons.This child is also a comfort to the elderly.

In fact, after pregnancy, many novice mothers will know after pregnancy. Even if they are pregnant, they do n’t know. Here is a lesson to give novice mothers.

How to judge that I am pregnant?

Delayed menstruation

After pregnancy, the mother’s menstruation will stop. Until the baby is born, the menstruation will return to normal again. If the menstruation of women has always been regular, after finding that menstruation is delayed, it is necessary to actively check and judge whether they are pregnant.

Pregnancy manifestation

If you are pregnant, women’s body hormones will change. At this time, there will be a certain physiological reaction, such as chest bloating, slight abdominal pain, dizziness and nausea, etc. This is a sign of pregnancy.

Exclude ectopic pregnancy

If you know that you are pregnant, you have to go to a regular hospital for an ectopic pregnancy. If you are ectopic pregnancy, you must have an abortion, because this is very dangerous and even crisis life.The place cannot grow, which is very unfavorable to the woman’s body, so it must be checked in time.

I hope that every baby and mother can be safe and healthy.

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