At the age of 33, he chose to get married, but now 35 years old is still not pregnant.

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At the age of 33, he chose to get married, but now 35 years old is still not pregnant.

My niece is 35 years old. In the case of tightering my home two years ago, I took the object back home.This object is four years younger than him. He does not have a serious work.But the niece likes it, and our family agrees.I can’t see that the relationship between the two is good or not. After half a year, the two got married.

After marriage, I can only see them during the New Year’s Eve. When I chat, I have nothing to do, ask what to answer, and never mention how the marriage relationship is.I have been married for two years now, and I have never seen her pregnant. Asked about it, she said, "Yes, everything is normal, this thing is natural, not in a hurry."I didn’t worry about it, some took partial prescriptions, some were looking for Chinese medicine, and she went to see the doctor to take medicine, and everyone was waiting for the news.

The time was in the middle of this year. Once I heard her call by accident, mentioning what asked about children, and said, "Actually, I have been contraceptive. We are Dink, and my husband agrees, and we have not been together for a year.I bother him and don’t let him touch me. I didn’t say this with the family, I won’t tell them of this. If I say it, a hundred people will come to grind me, annoying, just make them full of hope, anyway, I amThere is a way to do n’t have a child. "I accidentally heard this, I couldn’t cry and laugh. If you want a child, it is your business, but you must tell the family truthfully how the niece becomes so hypocritical, which is unreasonable.I do n’t know if I do n’t know if she is grateful, do she look at her family?

I knew this incident and annoyed. How did the niece become so indifferent and unpretentious, but the surface was really unsatisfactory, and she couldn’t pick a little about the lack of interpersonal relationships.How can I tell those who care about her care about her next?

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