At the age of 36, she found cancer. Give up for 7 months of treatment for treatment. Can mother love be surpassed?

Pregnancy is the beginning of a new life to brew new life; cancer is the pull with death, and it is exploring exports in the dark.When two things that seem to be opposed come at the same time, life and death become complicated, how would you choose?

"I want to live, listen to his first mother." Sang Sang, 36, was lying on the bed, waiting for the arrival of new life after three months.

On February 13 this year, Sang Sang, who was pregnant at 19 weeks, found that she suddenly came with "menstruation". The blood was accompanied by blood clots, thinking that she had an accident in her pregnancy. Sang Sang quickly asked her husband to send her to the hospital.At the hospital, the doctor told Sang Sang after a brief examination that the baby was okay. "Menstruation" was not for pregnancy. The specific reasons should be further checked.

Sang Sang’s heart was temporarily put down. At the age of 36, she was not easy to get pregnant. She tried a lot of ways and took a lot of heart. Now she is finally pregnant. As long as the baby is fine, everything is not a problem.

However, when the doctor had a gynecological examination for Sang Sang, she found that there was a vermiculi mass in her cervix and took the cervical biopsy. The pathological report showed the next day: cervical squamous cell carcinoma.

It was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and Sang Sang and his family panicked for a while.The doctor combined with Sang Sang gave two sets of solutions:

① Do not retain the fetal root treatment directly, and determine whether the postoperative pathology needs to be supplemented with chemotherapy according to postoperative pathology.

② Keep the fetus, advance the auxiliary chemotherapy 2 to 3 times, wait for 28 weeks of pregnancy, and then the cesarean section will end pregnancy, and cervical cancer treatment is performed at the same time. According to postoperative pathological determination, chemotherapy is required.

However, in view of Sang Sang’s local lumps in cervical cancer, and pregnancy in the early and middle periods, doctors suggest that 1 will be more secure.

The husband couldn’t bear the torture of Sang Sang, and persuaded Sang Sang to give up the baby.Sang Sang thought for a night and cried all night, and finally decided to choose a plan. She felt that she had to have this child. Even if there was only a line of hope, she had to give birth to TA.

What should I do if there is cancer during pregnancy?It is undoubtedly a big problem about the patient and the medical team, and to answer this problem, we must first know the three questions.

1. Which pregnancy stage is the patient?

The treatment of some cancer will cause damage to the fetus 3 months before pregnancy, and it will cause the risk of teratogenic. Therefore, at this time, you must make a decision first. Generally, doctors will recommend stop pregnancy and focus on the treatment of treatment on cancer.

However, if the patient insists on continuing pregnancy, once the pregnancy reaches 24 weeks (living age), the doctor needs to communicate with the patient and decide how long the treatment can be delayed and how long it needs to induce delivery.When the cancer is diagnosed in the second trimester, most doctors will choose to take cancer treatment after pregnancy.

2. Cancer treatment difficulty

Taking breast cancer as an example, due to the fetal relationship, doctors will have some restrictions when choosing breast cancer treatment methods. If radiotherapy can use high -energy X -ray to eliminate cancer cells, but the damage to the fetus is also serious;

Even if it is a drug, it will cause penetration of the placental barrier due to cytotoxicity or interference cell division, prevent cell division, and cause fetal malformation.

In 2015, the "European Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology" magazine published a review of the effects of the effects of different chemotherapy drugs on pregnancy tumors during pregnancy in previous years. They proposed 2 precautions:

——In early pregnancy, chemotherapy should be avoided, because this will increase the risk of fetal malformation;

——Ins receiving chemotherapy in the middle and late pregnancy will not increase the risk of fetal defects, but it may increase the risk of IUGR (limited growth in the palace), early maturity, low birth weight, and dead tires.

Therefore, if the patient’s tumor treatment is difficult, the living environment of the fetus will be more severe. On the one hand, the damage brought by treatment, on the other hand, the mother may be difficult to support the childbirth day because of stopping treatment.

3. Choose your willingness

We always say "risks and risks", which means that there is a hope of joy hidden in this danger, and we all yearn for the ending of joy.

As a mother’s instinct, Sang Sang is unwilling to give up the new life in the belly, and on the other hand, she must be able to accompany the child for a long time, "Can fish and bear’s paws be both?" She chose to be unknown in the direction.Find the answer on the road.

For 24 -year -old Irving, she almost knew what she wanted to choose from the beginning.

Pregnancy was an accident. Irving only discovered 2 months later that due to the negligence of contraception, a new life was born.But originally, she and her boyfriend planned to remarry after two years. Now there is no house or car, she does not think it is a good time for parenting.But the parents felt that accidents were also surprises. Since they were pregnant, it was understandable to put the plan in advance. The willingness was to let Idin leave the baby.

Owen asked her boyfriend’s opinion, her boyfriend was lying on the bed and faced her back: "You will definitely raise it, but we will now have this condition …" Irving immediately understood what he meant.

Three days before going to the hospital, Irving touched his left breast with a lump, thinking that it was caused by pregnancy, but he didn’t care.When the doctor’s friend mentioned, the friend asked her not to care about it, first go to the hospital for examination.Irving went and brought back a bad news. The doctor said that Owen’s masses were pregnancy breast cancer.

When pregnancy encountered cancer, the probability of 0.1%made Owen encountered. The first idea in her heart was "Will this cancer die?" According to the situation, the doctor’s suggestion is to remove the left milk for chemotherapy.For 2 months of pregnancy, chemotherapy may affect the fetus, asking how Irving choose.

"Stop pregnancy, this child is not at the same time, and there is no fate with me." When the mother heard it, she pulled Owen aside: "Silly girl, why did this child have no fate with you?Marry? If you have a child in the future, how can you feed her? Mom does not let you die. Let’s ask the doctor if there is a way to do both? "

Irving looked at the boyfriend who was not talking next to him, still insisted on the first choice.Fortunately, after the end of pregnancy, Owen received relevant cancer treatment and obtained a good treatment effect.But this unforgettable experience also made her see a lot. After discharge, she and her boyfriend proposed to break up and deleted all his contact information.

According to statistics, the most common cancer in pregnancy is breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and cervical cancer.The early symptoms of these gynecological tumors are often confused with the pregnancy reaction, which makes the prospective mothers unable to pay attention to it, and "drag" cancer into later stages.Therefore, while paying attention to the production inspection, it is necessary to have an abnormal signal that appears in the body, and diagnostic examinations can be performed if necessary.

Some expectant mothers want to ask, cancer screening is generally large radiation, will it not cause harm to the baby?Of course, Xiao Ai has taken into account this problem, so it is sorted out two common check methods. These inspections are safe and harmless, that is, it can help expectant mothers to find lesions in time without hurting the baby in the belly:

Magnetic resonance: Magnetic resonance is different from CT. It does not use rays, but to observe the human structure by magnetic fields. Therefore, the impact on the fetus is very small. If the expectant mothers need to check the body through magnetic resonance, they can do it with confidence.However, it should be noted that it is generally not recommended to do magnetic resonance 3 months before pregnancy, because the first three months of pregnancy is the sensitive period of deformity of the fetus. During this time, try to avoid the use of all drugs and avoid all related imaging examinations.

Cervical scraping: The cervical scraping is taken out of the material biopsy on the cervix, and the fetus is in the uterine cavity, so it will not cause harm to the fetus.Cervical scraping can help expectant mothers with symptoms such as cervical erosion and HPV infection to better investigate cancer.

In 2018, CCTV faced a face -to -face column of "Acting" by "abducted". The protagonist Wu Meng is a 42 -year -old elderly mother. At the same time, it is a congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension patient.Patients with class should avoid pregnancy.However, Wu Meng insisted on giving birth, and for this reason, he also wrote a dedicated statement.

Faced with everyone’s doubts and puzzles, Wu Meng covered his chest and said, "I am 42 years old, he can be born to me, with fetal movement, and even seeing his hands and feet from the B -ultrasound.Can you give up him? I think this is murder. "

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She felt that she was a great mother, and I also admitted that she was brave, but I couldn’t be moved by this "lonely".

Perhaps every woman has the right to be a mother, and for those who are seriously ill and fight against death every day, this is a chance. The opportunity is here. Of course, she wants to seize it.Everyone has everyone’s consideration. We can’t judge her right or wrong in a word. Just now that we have made a choice, we must bear the consequences. As long as they are worthy of their hearts, they are worthy of respect.””” Health Popular Science Ranking”

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