At the age of 43, I was pregnant: I was a firefighter, and the Tianjin exploded.

After crossing that red door, Zhang Mengfan knew that he could no longer hear the gathered whistle.

On December 1, 2015, the Tianjin Public Security Fire Brigade Development Zone Detachment Eight Street Squadron firefighters bid farewell to five years of fire saving career.

The Eighth Street Squadron is the most recent active fire brigade with the most casualties.On August 12, 2015, the summer night became the fate of 26 young firefighters: 8 people were sacrificed and 18 were injured.

Zhang Mengfan, who stayed, became the only one who was not injured.

Although he took the rest of his life, he sacrificed his brother’s face, which made him feel difficult.He felt that only if he knew that their relatives were well, he could really let go. "Just like a book, only when they have all read them, this page really turns over and I can start a new life."

On January 16, 2016, the reporter started from Hangzhou and Zhang Mengfan from his hometown of Hubei to visit Zhang Mengfan’s sacrifice comrades and the family of Cai Jiayuan, a fire warrior of Hunan Yongzhou.

Cai Jiayuan’s hometown is in Dongheyuan Village, Forest Forest Forest, Drumping Township, Yongzhou City, Hunan.His mother Liu Yunai said, "Yuanzai" wants to invite friends to come home for dinner, and she said it.

At more than 11 pm on August 12, 2015, these young firefighters had fallen asleep, but they were awakened by the abnormal fire in the sky.The police order was issued quickly, and Zhang Mengfan took the fax and handed it to the best fire in his best fire field, and Qinghai, who was just 20 years old.Two minutes later, 26 squadron firefighters, including the instructor Li Hongxi, the acting captain Liang Shilei, and Cai Jiayuan, who had been less than one year after the enlistment, was then pushed to different fate.

It was the birthday of Cai Jiayuan’s father that day, but the mother never waited for her son’s phone.

Children’s Cai Jiayuan took a photo with his parents

On January 17, 2016, the Cai family in front of me was a three -story small building just built in the previous year. The first floor was close to the big road, opened a small sale, and there were several automatic mahjong tables.The 43 -year -old Mother Liu Yunai sat in front of one of the square tables. She seemed to be afraid of cold. High -power electric stoves were piled under her feet, and she was wearing cotton pajamas on her body. H hers and scarves were wrapped tightly.She is not very old, but she is rampant.

After lunch, Liu Yunai was heating on the side of the stove and chatted with Zhang Mengfan.Suddenly, she threw a message that made Zhang Mengfan intersect: "I’m pregnant, for two months. At the end of June or early July this year, the child was born."

Zhang Mengfan didn’t hear clearly at first, and then opened his mouth, holding Liu Yunai’s hand and said, "Great Auntie! Wait until the baby is born, let me see you again!"

During this visit, the reporter learned that the Eighth Street Squadron who tried to be a test tube baby sacrificed the parents of firefighters, not only the Cai family.

The mother decided to find her son back.Even if you are old, even if there is only a 5%probability.

Liu Yunai said that it was more than once, standing up to the dozen floors of the place where the placement of the hotel.She thought about it, hitting her son.

The night before leaving Tianjin, the doctor gave her a needle, and she fell asleep deeply for a few nights.That night, she dreamed of his son for the first time, "He was lying on the ambulance and didn’t wear clothes. He said, mother I’m so cold. He is so thin, I always worry that someone will bully him …"

Liu Yunai said that when he was still in Tianjin, a psychologist advised her, "Sister, you are young, your son will definitely find it."

She only remembered that there were households in the village who went to Changsha as IVF, and now the child is 10 years old."Get back the son back" -This idea is becoming clearer in Liu Yunai’s heart.

On September 12, 2015, Cai Laiyuan was still dealing with his son’s funeral. Liu Yunai came to the hospital in Changsha alone.During the first examination, the older Liu Yunai surprised the doctor.

She asked Liu Yunai: "Have you ever had children?"

Liu Yunai said, "I have a daughter and a son."

The doctor was even more surprised: "So why do you have to do a test tube?"

Liu Yunai said: "My son is a firefighter, he sacrificed when he exploded in Tianjin."

The doctor cried as soon as he heard it.She said, "Your son is a hero, I hope you can get another child again."

The doctor judged that Liu Yunai had only 5%of the probability of success.Among the young girls in the same hotel as Liu Yunai, some people have a success rate of 70%, but spend more than 200,000 yuan. I tried many times and still found nothing.

Liu Yunai and Cai Laiyuan discussed: "The probability of 5%, do you do it?" Cai Laiyuan said: "As long as there is a chance of success, do it!"

This is Liu Yun’s persistence.

Two months in Changsha, every day at 6 am, she got up and ran, and she boiled four wild loach in my hometown for breakfast.

She heard people say that this kind of loach high protein is very physical.Afraid of affecting the indicators, she dare not put any condiments. She cooked loach in white water, and then the next noodles, "I usually go to exercise as long as I have a little time."

For the first time, Liu Yunai took 10 follicles because he was well raised, and she was happy.These 10 "bubbles" were sent to the cultivation. I did not expect, "The first time it took 1500 yuan, 5 bubbles were‘ supported ’, I cried …”

The remaining five, one of which is a good indicator.Two or three days later, the embryo entered Liu Yunai’s body.This is the beginning of another test: Can I get bed?Is the place of bed safe?What is the fetal cycle?Is there a heartbeat after a few weeks …

The girls who squeezed in the same hotel with Liu Yunai called her aunt.Those girls said that if they succeed, the aunt must send us a red envelope.On the day when the test paper appeared, Liu Yunai wrapped 100 yuan of red envelopes for everyone, and she sent out more than 3,000 yuan at once, but she was not distressed at all.

Recently, Liu Yunai was going to Yongzhou for a pregnancy test.28 days, 45 days, 70 days, this is the day when Liu Yunai must go to the inspection.If the embryo is not good, the body may naturally eliminate life that cannot be nurtured at any time.At 27 days of pregnancy, Liu Yunai was bleeding. At first the re -examination did not detect signs of the fetus. Liu Yunai cried anxiously. Fortunately, it was confirmed that it was only a false alarm.

Liu Yunai looks forward to growing up in the belly.She felt that she was pregnant so soon, and her son must be back.She pondered that this time, she would never let her son go far.

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