At the same time as pregnancy, the uterine fibroids are found?Three consequences, pregnant mothers need to consider

Nowadays, the phenomenon of infertility is becoming more and more common. Many people want children but cannot be asked.There are many factors affecting infertility, and some are caused by disease.Uterine fibroids are a more common tumor for women, but can uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?Will uterine fibroids lead to infertility?Let’s take a look at the three effects of the instister’s fibroids on pregnancy.

Impact 1, lead to miscarriage

Although uterine fibroids are a common benign tumor, he also has a certain impact on women’s fertility, but it is not absolute.It is not necessary to get pregnant if you get uterine fibroids, but it will cause a certain twists and turns to the pregnancy process.Abortion is one of the most important situations and the biggest impact on pregnancy.

Uterine fibroids can cause variations in the endometrium, making fertilized eggs in bed difficulty, and even early peeling will cause early abortion.Moreover, uterine fibroids can deform between the muscle wall of the uterus, and then deform the uterine cavity, which can also cause abortion.Uterine fibroids can also cause insufficient blood supply to the endometrium. Insufficient blood supply will cause fertilized eggs to not get enough blood supply and cause miscarriage.Therefore, women with uterine fibroids should pay attention to check -up during pregnancy and obey the doctor’s guidance suggestions to prevent abortion caused by factor uterine fibroids.

Impact 2. It will cause abnormal fetal position

Fibroids can also cause abnormal fetal position.If the position of uterine fibroids grows relatively low, in the late pregnancy, the fetus will be easily lowered or the placenta prefix will affect normal delivery.Therefore, in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, pay close attention to the posture of the fetus. If the abnormal abnormal fetal position of the placenta is occurred, the fetal preservation measures should be taken in time to avoid dangerous conditions.

Impact 3. Will cause a large amount of postpartum bleeding

If female patients have uterine fibroids, they will have great bleeding after production.When the fetus is delivered, the placenta is adhesive or the uterine contraction causes bleeding.Although uterine fibroids can cause postpartum bleeding, it is more likely to be produced smoothly with uterine fibroids.However, before production, necessary measures should be taken to cope with the bleeding status of sudden occurrence during childbirth.

Children are the bonds of the family and the continuation of life.Therefore, in order to have a healthy and lovely baby, every female friend must pay attention to their physical health and prevent uterine tumors such as impact on pregnancy diseases.Do not be nervous when you have uterine fibroids. Pay close attention when you are pregnant. Go to the birth check -up on time. I believe that there must be good results through hard work.

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