Auntie is postponed for a few days to speculate about pregnancy

Women come to the aunt every month. This is normal, but if you have not come late in your aunt, you have to think about whether you have carried out unsafe sexual life before that.Most women know how to speculate that the aunt has not come for a few days to get pregnant. What are the little ways? Let’s take a look!

How many days can auntie be speculated that it is pregnancy?

1. Delay of menstruation for more than 7 days

If a woman lives a sexual life without contraceptive measures, it is very likely that pregnancy is very likely. Generally speaking, it is necessary to use the early pregnancy test strip to test whether it is pregnant.Because the fertilized eggs need to go to bed for a week, early pregnancy test can be performed after 7 days of menstruation. However, due to the different personal constitutions and conditions, sometimes it is not necessarily detected.It ’s once a test. If it is positive, then it is basically inseparable.

2. The most accurate detection of two weeks of detection

Self -testing is mainly determined by detecting the HCG value. This is a hormone made by the placenta. Under normal circumstances, it will appear in the urine a few days after pregnancy.So it is easy to detect it, and it will only be obvious around the 14th day.Although many early pregnancy test strips can be tested by one day delayed menstruation, each person’s physique is different, and the HCG value in the body is different. Too early detection is likely to have errors. It is best to delay the menstruation for two weeks.After the test, the result is more accurate.

Several menstruation can be measured for pregnancy? Through the introduction above, we can know that general menstruation can be performed for early pregnancy tests for more than 7 days, but not everyone can get accurate results, that is, the detection results are negative and not negative nor are not negative.The representative was not pregnant.The best test time is two weeks after menstruation delay. If you are not sure, you can go to the hospital for color Doppler ultrasound examination.

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