Australian mother did not know 9 months of pregnancy!Drink as usual, and find a child after a few hours

According to the Daily Mail report yesterday, a woman in Melbourne, Australia gave birth to a male fetus a few hours after discovering the news of her pregnancy.

The first child of the 25 -year -old Caity Mason quietly grew up quietly when she went out and participated in the party to drink. Marson, who had a fixed menstruation every month, did not realize the sign of the baby’s advent.

Until January 21, she thought it was dysmenorrhea and stomach cramps, so she went to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor was informed that she was actually pregnant for 35 weeks and 5 days, and her cervical mouth was expanded by 10 cm.

Early the next morning, she was directly taken to the hospital and gave birth to her son Flynn.

Ms. Mason lying on the hospital bed announced this shocking news to her social platform friends. Like her, everyone was surprised by this.

In the dynamics of January 23, she also shared photos of baby Flynn.Flynn was born at 5:18 pm on the same day and weighs 2.79 kg.

In an interview, Ms. Mason said that her figure had not changed at all in the months before she discovered her pregnancy, and her size did not increase.

A few weeks before Flynn was born, she was celebrating the festival with her friends in the New Year and celebrating her birthday.

She said: "I drank a lot of alcohol at the time, and I also participated in the party, skiing water on the Mozan River, and playing fiercely non -shielding basketball games during pregnancy … All these pregnant women should not do."

She said that pregnancy was very far away for her, so she drank at the holiday and birthday celebration regardless of her carelessly.

But after learning about the baby’s accident, everything changed, and Mason was forced to completely adjust his lifestyle overnight.

Although she did not regret it, Ms. Mason really missed the "regular pregnancy" experienced by most women.

She told reporters: "When I looked back, I felt missed the baby’s ultrasonic picture and all the time planning tables of all expectant mothers."

"But he is a very perfect little boy. There is a reason for him to enter my life."

Ms. Mason had to tell Flynn’s father and child birth, and the father who was frightened finally chose to withdraw from this relationship.

Mason said, "I’m just worried that sometimes Flynn has not enough. When I watch others have a father and Flynn, I feel sad, and I don’t want him to miss any chance."

"Father’s Day is very difficult."

Ms. Marson believes that the success of Flynn has increased stability and life significance to her life, and she is not the only woman who knows after pregnancy. Another Australian mother, Erin Buscart,Bussenschutt was also discovered that he had a child shortly after he was pregnant.

Four years ago, Ms. Brshut, at the time of 21, made an appointment for surgery and prepared to put contraceptives in her body, but was told that the surgery was canceled because she was pregnant.

The second day when she started to work, she gave birth to Andrew, and his father chose not to participate in his life.

Nevertheless, the novice mother still lives actively after realizing her new life.Now she is pregnant with her second child, and this time, she felt the strangeness of her body early.

She said: "Andrew gave me more new purposes and reasons to explore myself, making me realize that there are many more important things in my life than I emphasized."

Professor Euan Wallace at the obstetrician and gynecologist at Moses at Melbourne told reporters that women have been pregnant for a long time but do not know that they have children.

Professor Wallace said: "These pregnancy does happen. It is important that when women claim that they do not know, we choose to believe them."

Professor Michael Permezer, the Dean of the Royal Medical College of Australia and the New Zealand Medicine College, also said that this situation is not uncommon. Two to three of the 6,000 patients who received treatment during childbirth each year areI don’t know women who are pregnant.

Women who are the first child and have more developed abdominal muscles often show the obvious symptoms of physical pregnancy during pregnancy.

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