B -ultrasound during pregnancy, check the baby for two weeks, do not panic

Medical development, scientific progress, good living conditions, strong health awareness. In the past, the simple incident of pregnant and having children became more and more complicated. In the morning, Hongxia cried in my office.I almost divorced for two years without getting pregnant. I finally got pregnant for 30 weeks. I was doing a B -ultrasound that the fetus was only about 28 weeks.Comfort foreign science.

Hongxia, first of all, it is clear that the B -ultrasound is only the effects of reflecting the development of the fetus, the nutrition of the pregnancy and the physical fitness of the pregnant woman, and the measurement errors. It is often gapdly from the actual pregnancy week.The general error is normal in about two weeks.

You have always been normal for the checkup, and one inspection has not dropped. According to your situation, you do n’t show any big problems. In many cases, it belongs to the small relationship of the fetus.No pathological significance.Don’t worry, just observe the follow -up.

Dr. Chen, when I was pregnant for 24 weeks, B -ultrasound that the fetus was only 22 weeks of pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound examination is still two weeks in a 30 -week. Is there any problem?

Hongxia, B -ultrasound for two weeks, may be 28 days for your menstrual cycle is not a standard expected calculation method, or it may indicate that the fetal development is indeed smaller, but the development and weight growth of the fetus will accelerate after 30 weeks of pregnancy.Yes, you don’t have to worry too much, you can check on time.

During pregnancy, the weight growth is too small, and the development of the fetus is limited; if the weight increases too much, it may be overweight, which may increase the difficulty of vaginal delivery. Starting from pregnancy, the weight gain is slow, and it is easy to give birth to low weight.Those with a slow weight are prone to premature birth. Those who have different weight before pregnancy should also have a different growth amount after pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should reasonably adjust their diet and make their weight reach the ideal scope.

Three months of normal pregnant women’s pregnancy, the weight increases by about 0.5 kg per month. After 3 months of pregnancy, the weight will gradually increase; from 5 months of pregnancy, the weight increases by 1.8 kg per month, but it should not exceed 2 kg.In August, the weight growth rate slowed down. During the full-term pregnancy, the weight stopped increased. In the entire pregnancy period, pregnant women with medium-sized figure increased by about 12.5 kg, and 80 % of pregnant women’s weight increased between 10-20 kg.

In this case, you can slightly strengthen nutrition (a glass of milk and one egg every day, 4-5 meters, 1 catties of vegetables, 1-2 pounds of vegetables, 1-2 fruits, etc.), but the fetus grows in the entire pregnancy. Slowly, sometimes faster, especially after 30 weeks, the baby will accelerate development and growth. If the baby is not small (the standard is 1500g, the positive and negative does not exceed 200g), don’t make up too much.Pay attention to controlling blood sugar. If the blood sugar is high, you must not eat too much fruits and staple foods. The total amount of control should be controlled. The high blood sugar has a greater impact on you and your baby.

You may not be able to monitor the weight of the fetus. You can measure your weight every week. The weight gain of pregnant women in the normal pregnancy does not exceed 0.5kg per week. You can relax a little bit, and you need to follow the B -ultrasound.

Repeat again, the B -ultrasound error is normal within two weeks!

I don’t know when Hongxia’s tears stopped, the happiness, pride, and expectation of the pregnant mother returned to her little face again, but it looks good …

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