Babies often have diarrhea?Mom Jun teaches you how to prevent and care

Recently, many Baoma left a message to Jun Ma in the background: What should I do if my baby always diarrhea and diarrhea?

This is indeed a big problem. Diarrhea is too common in the baby’s intestinal problem, and there are many reasons.So today is a popular science text, everyone will move the small bench!

Junma Class: What will the baby have diarrhea?

Diarrhea belongs to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Because the baby’s digestive system is immature, once improper care, improper feeding, or seasonal change, cold can cause baby diarrhea.In general, the baby’s diarrhea has the following possibilities:

Physiological diarrhea is common in pure breastfeeding babies below 6 months.Pull the stinky yellow or yellow-green, diarrhea 2-5 times a day.Physiological diarrhea will improve with the growth of the baby, so don’t worry too much!


Mom remember to eat less shrimp, crab seafood and raw cold food when she is pregnant.


After the baby is diarrhea, replace the diaper in time and clean the hip of the baby. If necessary, apply the hip cream to nourish the small fart and protect the skin.

The baby’s digestive system has not yet been perfected. If a baby of less than 4 months is prematurely fed porridge or powder -like food, it will cause digestive disorders and cause diarrhea.At the same time, suddenly changing the baby’s milk powder or other food ingredients can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.


When the baby starts weaning, it needs to be gradual. Starting from a small amount of rice noodles, starting with 2 spoons, see the baby’s gastrointestinal adaptation, and the baby will increase after normal stool.At the same time, the types and ingredients of supplementary foods have increased little by little, and the meat can not eat too much at a time!


If the baby has diarrhea, the supplementary food is suspended, and the diarrhea gradually improves. The baby’s gastrointestinal adaptation will continue to be added.In addition, every time you feed your baby, you can’t eat too much!

Lact sugar intolerance is because lactase secretes too little, and it cannot completely digest and decompose breast milk or lactose in milk or cow milk.The symptoms are that the baby diarrhea is frequent every day, and it can reach up to 10 times.


For babies who are not tolerated by lactose, you can eat some digestible snacks such as biscuits and bread before drinking milk. Drink more yogurt to help improve the absorption of lactose.In addition, Baoma can adopt a small amount of breastfeeding method.


Try to use milk powder without lactose to feed the baby and not eat dairy products.It will basically improve quickly.

In autumn, diarrhea is generally caused by rotavirus, and the peak period is from October to February of the following year.The baby’s resistance is poor and diarrhea will be suffered from viruses.


During the high incidence of the virus, try not to take the baby to a place with a lot of people to avoid being infected by other babies; wash your hands logistically before meals and keep it clean and hygienic; get cold in the cold, prevent colds; oral wheel virus vaccines.


The most important thing is to keep the liquid intake, and give the baby a lot of oral supplement.Within 6 months, babies continue to breastfeed normally; babies over 6 months can eat porridge, noodles and other supplementary foods, encourage the baby to eat, and eat more nutritious and easy to digest food.

In autumn, diarrhea is seasonal. The course of disease is generally 5 to 10 days. As long as the care is proper, no symptoms such as vomiting and high fever occur, and the baby will recover.

The symptoms of bacterial dysentery are the baby’s high fever, stinky blood, stinky blood, stomach pain before diarrhea, severe dehydration, and poor mental state.


Before meals, wash your hands logistically, and do not eat leftovers, baby bottle, bowls, spoons and other dietary tableware.Keep the tableware dry, try not to leave water stains to avoid breeding bacteria.


Baby diarrhea can’t not eat, you can feed a little porridge.Noodles are easy to digest food; encourage babies to drink plenty of water, take oral fluids, and timely supplement the water loss in the body in a timely manner.

Many babies do not sleep well and kick the quilt at night, which can easily lead to cold abdomen; or when the baby is playing during the day, he expose his belly outside.The symptoms of diarrhea in the abdomen are cold: odor is often rotten.


The baby’s autumn clothes and other personal clothes should not be too small. It is best to stuff the shirt into the pants to protect the baby’s belly.For babies who love to kick the quilt, you can wear loose pajamas to sleep; parents also need to pay more attention to whether the baby has a quilt in the middle of the night.


Wear more clothes, or warm the abdomen with hot water to keep the small belly warm.

Although diarrhea is common in diarrhea, it cannot be taken lightly. Baby diarrhea can cause a lot of nutrients to not absorb many nutrients in the baby, and cannot absorb the nutrition required for growth.

Therefore, the usual care is important, and daily conditioning the baby’s stomach is also important!(Today’s space is a bit long, tomorrow’s mother will continue to tell you more "practical" -to alleviate the baby’s diarrhea method!)

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