Back pain at 17 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother lay every day, and regret it before the late pregnancy

Back pain is a thing that every pregnant mother will experience, but it may not be easy to cope for expectant mothers. Lumbaracris back pain is usually a natural pregnancy reaction.And this phenomenon is also inevitable, expectant mothers need to know how to deal with it.

Xiaoyu’s expectant mother also encountered back pain at 17 weeks of pregnancy, and Xiao Yu did not get attention when this signal appeared. She was lying on the bed every day to play with her mobile phone. In the third trimester of pregnancy, Xiao Yu began to regret it.

Last night, Xiaoyu sent me a private message to me. In the third trimester, Xiaoyu’s back pain still existed, and edema also appeared.

Lying back pain and back pain. This is also a instinctual response of many expectant mothers, but expectant mothers should not neglect. Lying for a long time will not only relieve lumbar pain, but also have a great decline in living and quality.Essence

Faced with backache and back pain Moms, mothers should get up and stop, so that their waist load is continuously improved, because as the pregnancy age increases, the stress of the abdomen of the expectant mothers will become larger and larger, and our waist is in our waist.Undiated ability also requires continuous tempering. If you lie every day, the waist will not only adapt to the intensity of the abdomen, but also easily grow your weight.

There are many reasons for soreness during pregnancy, and there are many parts, but the response method of choosing to sit and lying is actually unbelievable. As the uterine growth may be pressured on the nerve line, it causes pain.Therefore, expectant mothers should be active to let the body make the uterus more fit the mother, so as to better relieve the pain

Xiaoji reminds: Pain occurs at any stage during pregnancy. Of course, expectant mothers should not lie down all day long, you should try how active getting out of bed, combining the body and restraint, passing blood gas, life during pregnancy will be more fulfilling to be more fulfilling.

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