Back pain during pregnancy?Do you know how to reduce the burden?

During pregnancy, it is a very hard and painful time period, especially when it is time to be full of back pain.In fact, expectant mothers have back pain in full moon, which is caused by many factors. This also makes many pregnant women very troublesome and anxious. Today, I will talk about the three main factors of back pain for back pain.

1. The baby’s fetal head drops

The due date of the general budget does not mean that the baby must be born at that time. I believe that many mothers who have given birth to babies have a deep understanding.Under the right situation of the fetal position before giving birth, the baby’s head will slide down. In the process, pregnant women will feel that their waist position is falling down.

Second, the belly becomes larger

When the expectant mothers are pregnant, their stomachs will become bigger and bigger. After a few months, the posture of pregnant women will change, and it will become more and more difficult, and the center of gravity will move backwards.Therefore, at this time, the walking posture of the expectant mother will increase the gravity of the waist. If the waist pressure is too large, there will be a feeling of back pain.

Third, the baby grows up

The baby grows slowly in the stomach of the pregnant woman. Over time, the physical condition of the pregnant woman will follow.The growth of the baby will occupy the entire uterus of the pregnant woman over time. When the baby is in full moon, it has developed more completely, and the various body organs near the uterus will be squeezed to, which will make the pregnant woman’s backache.Back pain, all kinds of discomfort, these are normal phenomena.

Of course, there are more than these kinds of reasons for the full -moon test women who feel back pain. In general, this phenomenon is caused by physical changes, so mothers don’t have to worry about anything.

However, in view of the serious situation, it is recommended to go to the hospital for help.

For example, mothers who often walk with their stomachs will move over time, and their stomachs slowly become larger and larger. When the body’s center of gravity should be shifted forward or walking, the pregnant woman will not be able to maintain balance in order to better balance.In the case of falling, they like to lean on their shoulders or heads. This is a very frequent thing for pregnant women.Although it becomes more comfortable in a short time, it will be stressed for a long time, which will become back pain.

In fact, in order to slow down the back pain during pregnancy, pregnant women should perform an appropriate amount of exercise every day. For example, walking in the garden to take a walk, and can also help the family to help themselves massage the waist. Pay special attention to the movement of the movements.It has a great effect on the waist.

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